Fayose Upgrades Ekiti Women From The Other Room, Bans Wife Battering, Gives 200m Naira


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March 08, 2017

In commemorating the International Women’s Day marked all over the world every March 8, the governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria’s South West has paid special tribute recognizing the role of Ekiti women as help makes in development.
He traced the attitude of the men folk to the women over the years and felt it was not good enough. Therefore he desires an immediate change in attitude.

In a dinner speech ‘Rediscovering Ekiti Women’, Governor Ayo Fayose looked back, and carpeted attitudes towards women, giving knocks to wife beating. He is upgrading 200 women farmers with a facility of 200 million naira today. Promotion will come to many women today as he recognizes their efforts over the decades.

Here are Snippets of Governor Fayose’s Speech given extempore at a Special Dinner held at Ekiti Government House in Celebration of 2017 World Women’s Day as put together by Lere Olayinka, a special media assistant to the governor:

“I want to appreciate you all very specially for your strategic position in history because a world without women will be a world of crisis.

-Government is not expected to do business, it is expected to create the enabling environment, and that is what we are doing right now.

-You are all help mates and companions we can never wish away.

-We have to rediscover Ekiti women and tell them they can be where they ought to be, women should be respected and appreciated.

-It is not what has gone wrong, it’s about how we can catch up with the lost grounds. This event will henceforth be celebrated in Ekiti.

-Before we were born, our fathers have always harassed our mothers, we can’t afford to continue that way. There is no life without a woman.

-It is very irresponsible and reckless for a man to beat his wife. Allow your wife the right of place in your home.

-Some of us don’t have the attitude we are supposed to have because of the way we treat our wives, there must be a change of attitude.

-Let us expose our women so they can become ministers and even presidents, our case cannot be different.

-My wife is very beautiful, if I don’t celebrate her, who will I celebrate?

-I have 5 sons, I have no daughter but I look forward to a day I will begin to harvest daughters-in-law .

-If the home front is not right, the system will have problems .

-My provost, stand up! This woman taught me in ND 1 and 2 in the polytechnic, today I am her boss.

-As a parting gift for Olori Ajero (a civil servant) in the spirit of Women’s Day Celebration, I upgrade her from Executive Secretary to the position of Permanent Secretary with immediate effect.

-Tomorrow at the Stadium, I will appoint two other women, don’t ask me who.

-Commissioner for Agriculture, are you here?
Provide for me 200 female farmers, I will support them with #200m immediately!

-Our women must go beyond the kitchen and the other room, I have told myself to call all the Oloris, we must achieve this agenda of making our women visible.

-I want to leave this state with landmarks, the governor’s office will be there after my departure, the High Court Complex will be there for life.
I want to thank you very much Mrs Alade, Mrs Faseluka, wife of the speaker and our Senator of the federal republic, Abiodun Olujimi.

-Join me to produce a governor that will listen to you, I will never in my personal interest, whosoever you ask us to follow we shall follow. Whoever will be there we shall put there, we shall put together.

-My house of assembly members, stand up for recognition, I appreciate you.

-Chief of Staff can you stand up for recognition.

-I thank you all, God bless you.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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