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Fayose Will Not Cease To Keep The Poisonous Pen Pushers Busy – Alonge Olufemi Alonso

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11th December, 2017

Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State.

Anytime I see write – ups of those poisonous pen pushers in Ekiti State casting unnecessary aspersions on the governor of the state, I do say that those parading themselves as the elite, thinking they have a monopoly of knowledge; need more tutorials about life, destiny and of course, proper orientations on politics.

It’s a pity to say, majority of the so-called Ekiti elites are conspirators and enemies of progress. They are not worth what they are bragging about and the time to let them know that learning is a continuum is now.

On the just concluded elective congress of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), there were heated arguments between some people and in about eight Whatsapp groups on the aspiration of Prof. Tunde Adeniran. Some people were of the opinion that Adeniran would emerge as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party but I let them know that the party would never vote for a man who was and still is far from the grassroots.

I took a special interest in one of the groups where I was bashed with many abusive words, but nothing I could do than to maintain peace letting them know that Adeniran would not emerge while explaining the reasons why he would not be voted Chairman of the PDP. they didn’t believe me, yet it came to pass.
I maintained that being among the founding fathers of the party shouldn’t have made the Prof to underestimate the influence and popularity of his governor who is the Chairman, Governors’ Forum of the party he wanted to lead.

It was at that juncture that I received another bashing from one of the erudite elites who was fond of condemning Fayose and his policies.

I took my phone to dial digit of his younger’s brother who is a friend of mine to know whether his blood brother is among Ijan-Ekiti sons with PVC but immediately my friend told me his brother has no voter’s card, that he only plays politics on social media and that he cannot mobilize ten people from his community to vote against Fayose and his choice; I said I have men like him in my community.

He is very intelligent but lacks ability to respect opinions of others and he is too aggressive. Thanks to a brother from Emure who quickly put this Ijan man on the defensive. If not, he would have had avalanche of time and space using his vast knowledge in languages to defeat me in the debate. I respect his brains and I will like to have more encounters with him.

To him and some other so-called members of the elite in Ekiti State, Fayose has no meaningful policy. They have tried enough to silence him but instead of them to get results , Osoko is gaining and getting what they didn’t want him to get in life.

The outcome of the elections conducted on Saturday during the PDP’s convention has made the elite who were synonymous in being perpetual enemies of Gov. Ayodele Fayose to brand PDP as a dead party. They have been busy whipping their pens to lampoon the two prominent governors in the party (Wike and Fayose) because their candidates were those who coast home to victories.
What is politics for goodness sake?

I was shocked to see a comment yesterday from one of the questionable elite group boasting that the battle line has been drawn between the PDP and elites just because Fayose did not throw his wealth of support behind a professor who did not solicit the support of the governor ahead of the convention. Must everyone become a professor before he can be a successful politician? He brags as if he knows everything and forgot that in any action, there must be a reaction.

Fayose and Wike’s enemies have been having sleepless nights, blowing grammar on social media even before the convention was held. They are yet to know that’s exactly what Fayose wants and by doing so, they are ignorantly helping him the more.

Let me conclude by saying any professor of Political Science who thinks he is not in need of help of a practical professor of politics like Oshokomole to accomplish his goals will definitely continue to experience electoral loss. Our self-acclaimed elites should know this, please!

Written by Alonge Olufemi Alonso

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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