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April 15, 2018

Femi Adesina, Nigerian flag

Seismology essentially is concerned with the study of earthquakes. This science is very important particularly in areas around the world prone to earthquakes in-that information arising from such studies do most times serve as early warning for precautionary measures to be taken. In so doing lives are saved.

There are also political eruptions much in the manner of the rich menu which Mr Femi Adesina the special adviser on media and publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari has enacted.

Triggering this violent eruption by Mr Adesina are reactions to the statement credited to the President made in a foreign clime (The United kingdom) to the effect that hitmen from the defunct Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya are largely responsible for what in Nigeria we have very deliberately chosen to call by other names, “Herders/farmers ” clashes.

Undertaking a task as arduous as Mr Femi Adesina’s is very serious as well as a difficult business. Performing well in such an undertaking as Mr Adesina could sometimes involve himself in doing or attempting to do the impossible to the extent that the information the President chooses to divulge in a foreign land has been in the public domain for a very long time. The only value it has, if any at all is that it came from the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not some other personage.

What capital, political or economic which may have been expected to accrue from making such a statement in a foreign land is yet to be made clear. For some of us who did not need to undertake any serious research on this issue to know that our dear country had been under occupation by foreign terrorists, we have consistently voiced it out as it is.
Recall too that not long after Mallam Nasir El Rufai was sworn in as governor of Kaduna State, his first clandestine engagement confessed by himself was the payment of compensation to some of these foreign terrorists hitmen masquerading as herders here in Nigeria as well as conducting foreign policy on behalf of the Federal government yet nobody including Mr Femi Adesina and his boss saw anything wrong in that. I have said and will continue to hold on tenaciously to the belief that no genuine herdsmen will abandon their herds out there in the fields and go killing and burning down villages thus making life hellish for our people.

The local herders under their socio cultural outfit Miyetti Allah have not helped the situation to the extent that the foreign terrorists jihadists were simply doing their dirty job. They stood to enjoy the orgy of violence while it lasted as they were to enjoy occupying communities from which others had been supplanted. Had Miyetti Allah been patriotic enough to defend and exculpate their members from the madness before us, the foreign terrorists jihadists would very long have been exposed.

In trying unsuccessfully to provide another meaning to the President’s comments, Femi Adesina was verging on being a Village Headmaster of sort as he was trying to teach us basic English. Adesina ought not bother himself trying to teach us the English Language because we have gone to school and obtained an above average understanding of this subject though we may not be claiming and flaunting PhDs in this subject. Adesina must know just incase he already does not know that English is a foreign language and that words carry a variety of meanings to the extent that what the speaker or commentator in this regard could have meant could be quite different from what the listener makes of it. Looking at Mr Adesina as an individual one would see a descent and an urbane character, but that he is capable of deploying such excoriating and deprecating invectives against those who choose to be critical of the President’s comments in a futile attempt at defending his boss is most tragic. Mr Adesina is saying that some critics took he President’s comments to mean “The President said Gaddafi armed the herdsmen who have been on the rampage in the country ” .

Why Adesina still refers to these obvious terrorists jihadists as herdsmen is worrying enough because I know he knows that terrorists jihadists are all over this country. If the late Libyan strongman did not arm the hitmen he trained who did or put in another way how did they come by the sophisticated military style weapons?

Mr Adesina failed abysmally to say how the hitmen from Libya suddenly become herdsmen since they did not come along with their cattle if at all any. Adesina by my personal assessment is wearing not less than 3 caps. The first as Special Adviser Media and Publicity, the second as Village Headmaster with the task of teaching us English language and the last as a Priest of God with the task of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to us. Hear him ” They twisted the meaning of Mr President’s words ( yes, some people twist everything , even the word of God; 2 Peter 3, 15, 16). He glided down the political ice accusing those critical of the President’s comments as vacuous and intellectually lazy. He took an aimed shot at some senator who dared to add his voice to the criticism. His specific comment with regard to the senator is ” That’s what you get when small minds get into high places”. As observers, we are thinking and believing that Mr Adesina will be of help in amending the Constitution so as to ensure that by next elections small minds would have been done away with from our political space.

Irked as the special adviser to the President on Media and Publicity may be, he must provide for more of such gaffes in the coming months and perhaps years if I am at liberty to refer to the President’s comments as such since no leader is insulated from such.

My worry essentially is that government at the highest level is still referring to the insecurity and resulting carnage in. our country as herders/farmers clashes. Until we change the narrative and address the calamity that has befallen our country as simply an invasion by foreign terrorists jihadists, we shall, to such an extent be playing the ostrich while the situation continues to deteriorate.

In truth, the President’s comments amount to an indictment of those responsible for manning our border entry points otherwise how could the foreign terrorists jihadists have just walked through unchallenged into our country? The President too has not been forthcoming with remedial measures since the problem is well known. Simply keeping mute on the measures to defeat the invaders is not helping the situation at all.

I belong to the group that considers the comments made in far away United Kingdom instead of here in Nigeria given that it is we who have borne the brunt of the attacks as very unfortunate. Nigeria as far as we all know is not accountable to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Selby. What is the use of sensitive security reports which Mr Adesina did confirm as available to the President when no immediate action is taken as the lives of our country men, women, the elderly, infirm as well as children are being lost almost on an everyday basis?

Mr Adesina got it all wrong by concluding that the critics are desirous of demeaning the President ( His boss) ahead of the 2019 General elections.
Further down the line , Mr Adesina must understand that no beneficiary of our votes is beyond criticism since we are in a democracy.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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