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From The Abundance Of The Heart, His Mouth Speaks (Luke 6: 45)


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March 5, 2018


Nigeria’s  democracy will continue to remain stunted for many a reason, principal amongst which is the fact that we simply stumbled on it adopting what we thought we loved of it and jettisoning that which we did not like.

Here, I am referring to the Constitution of the United State of America which we so beautifully plagiarized. The American Constitution took due cognizance of the peculiarities of the American people but this cannot be said of what we copied. For a truth our Constitution is like unto a house with a perforated roof such that when the rain falls the occupants of the house will be busy with buckets and other empty containers collecting the rain water sipping through the roof. As the rain water is collected at one point, another begins to leak and therefore you are kept busy until the rain stops.

Funny too remains the fact that while we may have noticed the points in the roof that are leaking, we have been unable to effect the necessary repairs as to permanently stop the leaks.
Yet another problem is the fact that our political space admits all manners of strange characters as players. This cocktail of the good, the bad and the ugly has further compounded the effort at growing our democracy. As an illustration, when a PhD holder meets in the same political space with a grocery seller who was sponsored by a money bag, what happens there is anyone’s guess. Apart from outlining the minimum educational requirements for certain positions in the 1999 Constitution as Amended, it would have made more sense if certain forms of leadership training were added.
Political leadership in most of the advanced world flows from the very high quality players having been specifically trained in the art/science of leadership which is why there is a general understanding of what is required in running the business of leading people. Institutions in our country which could have helped in grooming our potential leaders include the faculties of administration in our various universities, the Administrstive and Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), the Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies as well as the National Defence College amongst others.


I must not be misunderstood to be saying that there are no people who are naturally gifted with the wisdom and knowledge to provide effective leadership, I am simply saying that we have some players on the political turf who have no business leading anybody but themselves and even so, they are doing a bad job of it. It really does not matter how well read such characters are, because their output on the ground is as tragic as it is abysmal. Their place ought be insulated well away from dealing with people directly. They will be better off dealing with FILES if proven that they are purged of their vengeful nature. A leader must exercise both caution and restraint in making comments and taking certain actions.


The Holy Scriptures is absolutely correct in summising that whatever the mouth speaks is but the content of the heart. When therefore a leader steps out to do battle with his subordinates, such has lost it all. It is not on every issue that a leader must comment on. There was an infraction on security at Kasuwan Magani of Kaduna State sometimes last week with loss of precious lives, the timely intervention of the security forces prevented an escalation. The Kaduna State Chief security officer was to speak out on what caused the crisis in the course of a lecture he delivered somewhere in Ilorin, Kwara State.

What he gleefully put out was that a Christian girl was in love with a Muslim and was about or ready to convert to Islam so she could marry her Muslim lover a step resisted by the Christians which eventually led to the violence. This is the kind of narrative to be expected of a market woman not a leader at the level of a governor. Our man sounded clearly as if he was an Islamic teacher seeking convert. Even if the account as narrated by the Mallam was true, I thought that because of its sensitive and combustible nature he would have exercised some restraint putting it out in the style and manner he did.

Recall the 30/70 saga ratio of Christian/Muslim the Mallam came up with in his vain effort at demeaning Christians in Kaduna State and Southern Kaduna in particular. This man obviously has a problem with religion particularly Christianity and makes no pretentions about it. I am thinking that his credentials for the faith he professes have a huge deficit if the totality of his actions, inactions and pronouncements are placed on a scale. The man lacks compassion even for the poorest of the poor. Some of the policies he pursues are so anti people that one wonders if he ever remembers the wordings of the oath of office he took.

When a governor goes about pulling down people’s buildings when he should be erecting new structures you have to wonder the affliction that has come upon us.

When a government wakes up and decrees the sacking of over 40’000 workers including primary school teachers, District Heads and other sundry staff as well as others from the Civil service without paying them off, you cannot help wondering what manner of a governor you have.? With so many primary schools in Kaduna State remaining open without teachers you cannot also help wondering what alchemy will make Kaduna Great Again.

When a government wakes up and auctions properties put up by previous governments under the flimsy excuse of high maintenance costs without plans to build new ones how does such a government grow our State? . When a State Assembly votes for its autonomy yet denies the Local Councils their own autonomy as recently done in our Kaduna State one can only conclude that our democracy has a long way to go. When in a fued between 2 parties within your domain as governor you take the side of one of the parties as was the case during the genocidal Fulani terrorist adventure in Southern Kaduna and other places you can only see ominous dark clouds hanging low in the sky.

When a governor in a feat of madness threatens the arrest and handcuffing of a renouned and prominent man of God for simply doing his job as a clergy, the only thing to do is to pray to God for his intervention.

When someone speaks, the content of his heart could be assumed as the tongue is only but a conveyor belt for what the heart has contrived.

Written by Gora Dauda.

He writes from Kaduna.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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