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Fulani Herdsmen Reply Bishop Oyedepo, Invite West African Fulani For Nigerian Jihad

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January 19, 2018

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winner’s Chapel.

During the first Night Vigil of prayers to mark Day 5 (on the 12th of January, 2018) of the fasting and prayer season declared by the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winner’s Chapel, it’s General Overseer, Bishop David Oyedepo made a startling revelation why he backed former president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

“God revealed to me” about the present Fulani herdsmen trouble as far back as 1992 and he declared it in 2015.

Bishop David Oyedepo showed visible anger over the senseless and despicable murders being committed by the Fulani militia in the Middle belt and other parts of Nigeria with impunity.
He equally upbraided some members of his congregation who voted “change” despite his admonition.

While he was praying in his church, the ‘Fulani Solidarity Movement’ leadership, a hitherto unknown organization had it’s members following the live satellite and online transmissions of the Christian church service aired globally.

Soon afterwards, they wrote to the Bishop a letter that God had given the Fulani, Nigeria as an inheritance.
That the killing of the Tiv people was “well deserved” because they thwarted the Fulani plan to overrun Nigeria in 1804.
They therefore called on all Fulani in West Africa to converge on Nigeria and penetrate every nook and cranny of the country, preparatory for the “upcoming” Jihad, claiming that the provision of “cattle colonies” in all the states of the country was the only solution to the crisis.

Bishop Oyedepo then called on his church members to pray to God with passion for him to thwart the looming gang up against Nigeria.

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