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German Parliament Legalizes Same Sex Marriage Despite Dwindling Birthrate

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June 30 , 2017

LGBT community tie multicoloured balloons in front of the Reichstag in protest against homophobia, last May.

The German parliament, Reichstag has legalized same sex marriage, Friday 30, 2017.

This comes after Chancellor Angela Merkel did an about-face that freed members of the conservative party to vote their “conscience” rather than follow party lines.

Norbert Lammert, president of the parliament, said 393 lawmakers voted to approve the amendment, while 226 voted against and four abstained.

Germany has the strongest economy in Europe, with an aging population and a dwindling birthrate .
To maintain a working population that would support it’s pensioners, the Caucasian country recently opened it’s borders to Syrian refugees that has remained a source of friction between it and other members of the European Union, leading to agitations for an exit.
Great Britain later voted to exit the Union over sundry issues like policies from Brussels.

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