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‘H. Sheriff’s ‘Police In The Eyes Of The Public’ Highlights Agency’s Great Efforts’ – B M Magaji


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September 18, 2018

Book Review :
Police In The Eyes Of The Public
Author: Hauwa Sheriff
Price: Not stated


A University don at Kampala International University, Uganda, Dr. B. M. Magaji says the book titled “Police in the Eyes of the Public” by Hauwa Sheriff attempts to highlight the great efforts being made by the police in ensuring the safety of lives and property in Nigeria.

Dr. B. M. Magaji, the expected book reviewer at the launch, Saturday September 22, 2018 in Abuja, described the author, Hauwa Sheriff as a criminologist and security analyst with special major in database intelligence collection by training and a journalist by profession.

He said going by the author’s antecedents, her pro police and security stance coupled with her criminology background, her rightful calling ought to be the security agencies particularly the Nigerian Police, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC which according to him, would definitely make her expertise a great and formidable asset to any of these agencies and many more.

According to Dr. B. M Magaji, the first chapter looks at the police in general. It contains the history of the Nigeria police from its humble beginning as a constabulary police for the Lagos colony in 1879 to the various transformations and dynamics to the present.

He explained that the book looks at its duties from which the public measures its performance as well as its powers while also discussing policing around the world. Going down memory lane, he cited good examples of policing from the ancient city of Rome to modern France, the United Kingdom and North America.

According to the University don, Chapter 2 looks at how the Nigerian police is being derided by the public; ridiculed in movies, hated by criminals and their allies, exposed to temptations and dangers without being appreciated when the laws are enforced.

He further explained that chapter three urges the need for a proper police, public and community relationships and the next chapter looks at the main theme of the book; Police and the Public, where it sought the views of some eminent Nigerians while the last chapter captured pictorial depiction of the past Inspectors General of Police from 1930 to date, while including some security tips.

The book reviewer considered the book very satisfactory in respect of its theme, content and aim to bring to fore the glorious aspects of the institution of the Nigeria Police as well as proffering ways to further make the police a formidable instrument for security and democracy.

Hauwa Sheriff, the author.

The author, Hauwa Sheriff is a lady of many callings; a journalist, criminologist, security analyst, author and a pro police protagonist. She is a staff of Radio Nigeria, Kaduna. During the course of her job she had at one time or the other been the producer of “daka da waje”, “siyasa rigar yanci”. She is also a popular translator and news-caster.
Presently she is the producer and presenter of “Duniya Makwata Rikici”.

Hauwa’s tight schedule did not deter her from fulfilling her life long ambition of being an author/writer. At the age of 16 her first publication was entitled “baa nan take ba”, a book that highlights the importance of women acquiring western education. It was followed in 2008 by the “Nigeria Police Force; Friend or Foe”, biography of “Halilu Ahmed Gesto. “Akida da gaskiya” was her third publication in 2010.
This book, “Police in the Eyes of the Public” is her fourth publication.

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