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Hon. Shehu N. Garba’s Scorecard With Facts And Figures In Kaduna Politics

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March 5, 2018

Hon. Shehu N. Garba, middle, shaking hands with Gov. Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna State, north west Nigeria.

It is imperative to state clearly that as members of a literate society we owe it a duty to inform and enlighten the less informed on the actions and inactions of their elected leaders and representatives in an attempt to redefine the aged narrative about politics being a dirty game.
To this end we shall be encouraging more citizen participation in politics while failure to do so will amount to a disservice and a betrayal of conscience, particularly now that some of us are faced with the task of piloting the affairs and welfare of our constituencies.

A Careful study of a document obtained from the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) on the salaries and allowances of members of the House of Representatives shows that in the last 7 years, Honourable Shehu Garba, a Kaboma from Aso in Jema’a LGA  as a Member representing the people of Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency in the green chamber has earned a total sum of N2.72 billion in salaries and constituency development allowances –

(N12,000,000 ( monthly Salaries) × 12 = N144 Million
+N38,000,000 quarterly constituency allowance × 4 quarters in a year
N296,000,000 × 7years = N 2,072,000,000 (2.72Billion).

By the end of his second term in 2019 he would have earned a total sum of N 2,368,000,000 ( N2.368 billion).

Now let us assume that he has sunk 200 boreholes in 7 years across the two LGAs (though he hasn’t) at the rate of N250,000 per borehole (excluding the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) projects because those would not be within his purview).

Assuming he gave out Sewing machines to 200 women across both LGAs (also not attainable) at the rate of N30,000 per machine in 7 years.

Let us also presume that in 7 years he gave out 22 Keke NAPEP (tricycles) to the 22 wards in both local government areas (Though a mirage) at the rate of N600,000 per Keke.
Or graded 22 roads at the rate of N1 million in 7 years (since he would only have been grading not constructing), let us also assume he has constructed 10 bridges in 7 years (though the ASSO and Wazo bridges are still dilapidated as at today) at the rate of 50 million Naira, all of this in total sum would amount to just N120,200,000 representing less than 0.3% of his total earnings in 7 years.

These alone would have been celebrated in high spirits since there are other silent areas of expenditure that must not necessarily be available to the general public.
Instead ‘SNG’ has continued to distance himself from the constituents, converting constituency allowances meant for constituency development into private use and selfish accumulation, disappearing and appearing only when it is election period with a hand full of praise singers…

The questions are :

1. What exactly has he been doing with over N2.72 billion of our commonwealth in 7 years?

2. What else does he want to return to the Green chamber for?

3. How many graduate employments has he attracted to the constituency in the last 7 years ?

4.How many motions and bills has he moved and sponsored in 7 years ?

5. When has his representation become an enterprise for profit making?


Written by John Dogo.


NB : In our responsive developmental politics, The Oasis Reporters will begin it’s scorecard scrutiny of elected officials, ahead of the 2019 election. Constituents are encouraged to send questions, projects and whatever else to our address,

All memos will be treated in strict confidence. Honorable members are equally urged to list their projects with possible photographs where necessary and plans to us at the stated email address.

Thank you.


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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