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Ibom Air : Commendable Move, But How Udom Could Have Done It Differently – Portia Anthony

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October 11, 2019

All patriots of Akwa Ibom State, and indeed the South South rejoiced when the newly inaugurated Ibom Air flapped its wings and took to the skies at a time that the attempted rebirth of Air Nigeria remained stillborn.

Rejoice, everyone did, yet no one was blindfolded enough not to notice that the new carrier had clay feet. No matter how much we love Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, talk about this event, we must.
Just so that this country would grow.

Before I start my narrative, let me tell you a bit about my lineage.

My Great grandfather, Obong Ekpo Udo Iko, founded the town known as Nwanyi Iba today. Investigate your history.

I have more of Akwa Ibom blue blood in me than anyone else puking crap.

Also, yes, the governor of my state, Cross River State, Ben Ayade, has not been up to the hilt in performance. His performance, I consider dismal. But that’s my opinion.

I stand to be corrected.

Now, to the annoying story, someone who calls himself chief whatever…..This man came inbox to warn me not to criticize Akwa Ibom and the glorified, refurbished chopper – like aircrafts they call airplanes.

See, I will say it, exactly the way it is, not minding whose ox is gored.

I, Portia Emilia Anthony, always says things the way I see them.
I sugar-coat nothing, I rather not say it.

Akwa Ibom is a state I love by virtue of my lineage and also the fact that their past and present governors do try.

Government has no business, engaging in such laudable feat except it’s managed by private sector players.

Business is about competition !

If I want to go into airline business, rather than buy glorified choppers and call them airplanes, I would rather lease new aircrafts with lesser amount and over time, they become mine.

And they would have resealable values, where the same manufacturers would buy off me and give me new fleet for next to nothing.

Don’t argue with me because I know.

Ibom air, can actually outdo every other airline company that there is in Nigeria, if only they are serious as it is a state business.

That’s how owners of aircrafts operate, they operate same way as part exchanging your cars.

If I’d told them what to do or asked them to let me get an instrument, whereby I can trade and help them, they would be blowing hot air.

Please, does that enjoy coming inbox to say what they know nothing about, kindly keep away. You know nothing about this because if you did, you’d approach me for help rather than be puking crap, about “leave Akwa Ibom alone.”

I know and I speak.

I don’t just talk! I talk from the place of knowledge.

Now, go and drink tea and sleep, tomorrow tell my man Udom that he needs to up his ante if that airline must stand the test of time.

People would just come and drop their emotional carthasis on things they know nothing about.

Just like Baron Roy had something to tell us about Ibom Air.
I quote him :

“We were approached to invest… We checked the leasing strategy and ran the numbers, and I insisted we turn it down. That was Q4, 2017. The management took it personal with me. A close associate and board member of the airline called me up recently for advise; I still repeated what I told him a couple of years back.

The idea is good but the leasing strategy is whack! And the Akwa Ibom government is not exactly a major shareholder.

If they’re ready to commit just about $15m, I could have their challenges mainly solved.

NB: To be very profitable, they must make themselves a REGIONAL operator with the smaller aircrafts; make money there before branching off into a real national airline.

If you are interested in being an investor, I’d make it happen. I do not fancy their management though”.

Additional Reporting: Baron Roy

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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