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India’s 1 Lakh Covid-19 Deaths Joins The US, Brazil In The Grim Statistics: As Trump Is The Latest  Believer In Face Masks



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October 4, 2020


US President, Donald Trump now makes Mask wearing a priority… Doctor’s orders.


If ever there were two world leaders that made light of wearing face masks as precautionary measures against the coronavirus pandemic, even going as far as firing top scientists, Chief physicians and health ministers, those two would be America’s Donald Trump and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. 

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, now a believer in the face mask.


Previously, Bolsonaro would put on a tough guy image and won’t wear a mask even in large gatherings.


The two seeming political cousins. Trump (left) and Bolsonaro of Brazil during a press conference at the Rose Garden.


Well, the dreaded virus came around, and the President of the United States of America America publicly wore one as he was being flown to a top grade hospital for treatment.


That was what also happened in Brazil. The infection got to President Bolsonaro and he stopped scoffing at face masks.He wears them now in public. 


While the world awaits a definitive breakthrough in the search for a cure, India has announced the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths,  or I lakh as they say over there. The US first reached that milestone, followed by Brazil. 


Writing on American politics, someone sees this as a huge mess because Trump thrives on chaos. There should be no surprise if this incident of Trump and the First Lady Melanie Trump coming down with Covid -19 during an intense electioneering season, making or breaking the president’s reelection bid. 


Sympathy is currently flowing towards Trump,  from even the opposition, because with health, no one can speak with certainty. But Trump can turn this drama of hospitalization into a giant soap opera with him as the leading character. And guess what, it could get him reelected, while he goes on to recover, and jump back to office. His campaign team is certainly writing the script. Secretly. The choreography has started already with broadcasts from the temporary Oval office in the hospital. 


Trump was seen mocking Biden and calling him weak for wearing a mask…then all these happened. And the sympathy stream with all hurts forgiven because America must come together as one in a crisis situation. How would Biden handle it to keep his campaign on top ?



Some additional information here: 


The pair of political cousins, Donald Trump of the US and Jair Bolsonaro have quite a handful in common. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the two leaders didn’t believe in mask wearing or social distancing. Two preventive recommendations suggested by global medics, including the World Health Organization (WHO) 


Lockdowns too,  was anathema to them, due to their belief that at all costs,  the economy must be kept running. 


In addition, they downplayed the severity of the pandemic, seeing it as just a little flu that would just go away. Well,  the US became the first country to announce the reaping of a grim 100, 000 deaths from the pandemic. 


Horrified health experts were attacked in the media and quite a few of them quit,  while some others were sacked. 


They equally attended large political gatherings often without wearing masks, until they both came down with the virus itself, before their story changed to compliance.


And the unproven hydroxychloroquine that they promoted as the cure? Trump does not seem too sure anymore. He’s been vague on the drug regimen he’s on. 


Simply put, Covid-19 has embarrassed the less than cavalier attitude of the two leaders,  perhaps they’ve been humbled by the little virus. And Trump is facing reelection soon. 


Meanwhile, at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where President Donald Trump is being treated, it’s been known that at some point, his oxygen levels had fallen below 90.


Dr. Conley said that the president had been given the steroid dexamethasone on Saturday, in addition to Remdesivir, an antiviral drug. 


WHO had recommended Dexamethasone in some form of severe cases of coronavirus. But then, Trump in one of his rambling videos seemed upbeat while downplaying the situation,  after all, he’s old. 


But he’s certainly in very good and capable hands. Well perhaps, because he is the president of the most powerful country in the world.

American drama ahead. Keep watching. 



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