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INEC’s Non Transmission Of Results And The Apologies, ‘Due To Technical Hitches’ Is Viewed As Lack Of Transparency By EU

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February 28, 2023



By Greg Abolo

The Independent National Electoral Commission Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu promised the nation in November 2022 that INEC had made innovations to transmit results real-time from the polling stations.

That promise gingered millions of Nigerians to register to vote in the belief that their votes would count on a real time basis.



The Professor seems to have moved from firm promise and commitment to excuses, giving room to doubts on the outcome of the elections that billions of naira has been sunk into.

The promise was made on live television and the video clip is being shown and circulated widely on social media.

It doesn’t sound well to say that what our officials say that is now being widely circulated on the internet is not worth being taken seriously.

Incidences like this can lead to innuendos and anonymous posts or recordings that one cannot trace how they come about.


Hence the country is better off not driving along routes that lead to doubt.




Such scenarios also bring an unwanted backlash from people who are observing Nigeria with keen interest.

The EU has criticized the manual collation of results, viewing it as not transparent. This is such a damning critique, even if the language conveying the message sounded diplomatic and cautious.

As the giant of Africa and it’s largest economy, it is high time for Nigeria to rise and take it’s place of leadership. A move that can avail the Continent a forward movement in the comity of nations.

Getting it right does not really take much more than beyond commitment and integrity.

Many Nigerians sojourning abroad are really not keen on leaving the country. But this invariably happens when conditions at home are not pleasing to one. Many of them would like to come back if the situation improves. But Nigerians are still waiting.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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