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It May Soon Be Dire, When A Ruthlessly Beleaguered People Resort To Self Help Should Anomalies Persist

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July 18, 2021


By Mazino Obaro Ikime

More dire things are going to come out of the North very soon. It is impossible for a people to be beleaguered for so long, so ruthlessly, without them resorting to self help, which will no doubt result in a more anomalous situation than already exists.

Entire communities,villages are at the mercy of these bandits or whatever they are called. Yesterday, a Hoodlum called Kachalla Turji and his band of marauders let loose in Zamfara State! At the last count they have abducted at least 150 people. Some of them, travelers who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The reason?

The father of a banditry kingpin was arrested by security forces for being part of the rampaging horde that causes unease in the area. Turji, wants his father released so that they can spend the Eid together!
He states that as long as his wish is not granted, he will abduct as many people as he desires.

This chap is one of those who held court when Gumi visited. At that meeting he had bragged that neither he nor his men were afraid of death! He also claimed that the government underrated himself and other bandits and that they had enough arsenal of weapons to cause serious problems in Zamfara State. He also claimed that the government had reneged on their promises to them. What these promises are remain shrouded in mystery.

This is a man known to the Government. His sphere or scope of operations is known. His place of abode is known. Yet he is, for some nebulous reasons, untouchable. He has the gall to threaten and lay down the law. This is the state of affairs in our country. A country of stark contradictions, where it is getting clearer by the day that some are more equal than others.

This type of criminality by far outstrips anything that the likes of IGBOHO have done. Yet, Mr El-Rufai, says that the bandits, terrorists, Herdsmen are only pursuing a way of life, a business is how he put it! Can we not see that something is definitely off kilter? Don’t be surprised if the father of this miscreant is indeed released!

By the way, down the road in Kaduna, men suspected to be Fulani Militia have razed 388 houses and killed 42, in Atyap Community Development Association in Zango Kataf LGA.

The President of the Association, Samuel T. Achie called this an unprovoked attack, considering the fact that the Militia and the communities in the area had signed a peace treaty that had not been breached by any of the 12 villages in the commune.

These stories are so commonplace that they no longer seem to raise eyebrows. Yet, there is a Government in place! The blood will cry out, it surely will!

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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