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J D Jang: ‘Face Of The Middle Belt’ Comes With A Restoration Mantra, To Run For President


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August 29, 2018

Former Plateau State Governor, David Jonah Jang has shown interest in running for Nigeria’s Presidency that the PDP has zoned to the north.
By Moses Gbande, Jos

Former Governor of Plateau State and Senator representing Plateau North, Da Jonah David Jang on Tuesday declared his intention to join the Presidential race under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Jang on the expression of interest at the state party secretariat in Jos said “On this special day that the Lord has made, I have come here to make history on behalf of myself, my family, the people of my constituency, Plateau State, the Middle Belt of Nigeria, and the entire nation. I have come to formally and officially announce my interest and decision to join the contest for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the coming 2019 elections.

” I have followed developments in this nation from its pre-colonial political life and the struggle of the founders of our democracy, to independence, and the giant strides made, as well as challenges that followed.

“The dreams of the founders of Nigeria were gigantic, the hopes were huge, but all of them were achievable. While we have come a long way, and we have made huge gains in different sectors, we have also suffered many distressing challenges in our nationhood.

“These distresses need not delay me here.
Today, Nigeria has increasingly become a deeply divided nation, and the bases for our unity are being eroded. We face enormous security challenges emanating from the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, the increased wave of armed banditry leading to the annihilation of completely hitherto peaceful communities, armed communal clashes, religious fundamentalism, armed robbery, insurgency and unhindered kidnapping among others. The ideals of the founding fathers of this nation are getting farther away from the people.

“I have come with a mantra of Restore Nigeria because I see an urgent need to bring back the founding dreams, hopes, aspirations and perceptions of greatness of our nation. I believe in Nigeria as a great nation and in its oneness.

“I believe we can make it to the top ten nations of the world in no distant future. I have come to help position the country in that direction by purposeful leadership.

“Our Party, the PDP, has zoned the Presidency to the North for the purpose of the 2019 elections. The Middle Belt is at the centre of the north, it is the glue of the north, the bridge of Nigeria, the guarantor of national unity and oneness, and has sustained the north over time.

” Sadly, however, this zone has yet to produce an elected President under our Constitution.

“There have been arguments in our party recently to the effect that the zone of the north with the highest number of registered voters should be given the Presidential flag of the party.

“This is not the position of the Party. It is only the opinion of some aspirants. The North Central and Middle Belt also have millions of registered voters who want the Presidency this time around. We have supported others before. It is their turn now to also support us.
While we do not begrudge those zones that have benefitted repeatedly, we demand that in the spirit of one Nigeria, for the inclusion of minorities, for the purpose of fair play and equity, the Middle Belt should be given the chance and supported in 2019.

“The Middle Belt is a huge statement about the Nigerian diversity. I present myself as the face of the Middle Belt in this contest.

“I also urge the other parts of the north therefore and the rest of Nigeria to support my candidature for these reasons.
In making this decision to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am mindful of the enormous challenges faced by our nation. I also know that these challenges require more than mere political aspiration and ambition to occupy office for its glamour.

” I know that we need extraordinary persons with vast experience and knowledge of this country, with proven record of service and performance. I therefore, bring my experience in military training, governance, democracy, the legislature and general development to bear on my decision to lead Nigeria. I present myself to a higher call to the service of the nation.

“As President, I will make peace and security a priority of my government and for the nation. To secure this country and its citizens is the primary function and purpose of government.

“We will give this nation security results, we will not give excuses or cover to any act of criminality and impunity, “whatever the colour and creed of the criminals. We will end the cheapening of the lives of Nigerians. Gunmen will be known and traced to their roots, arrested and made to face the law.

“Nigerians will be proud of their country again.
The clamour for restructuring will be addressed in line with the provisions of our laws. “Restructuring and reorganizing Nigeria to the comfort of all Nigerians is a task I will face with commitment. If we have operated a system for 58 years and Nigerians are asking for a review of the structures, there is no need to delay it further.

“The economy is the guarantee of our welfare, and the welfare of the citizens is a primary purpose of government. We shall grow the economy and stop Nigeria from being a dumping site for the saturated economies of other nations. It is my firm belief that youth and all forms of unemployment can only be overcome when the economy is grown beyond its current dependence on oil.

“Alongside growing the economy, all anti graft agencies will be strengthened and made to fight corruption within the confines of the rule of law.

” They will be given space to operate freely and independently, and periodic review of their laws will be undertaken. The fight against corruption will be total, balanced, consistent and sustained.

“You may wonder what will happen to agriculture, education, health care, science and technology, oil and gas, national defence, transportation and infrastructure, foreign relations and integration in West Africa and Africa, and the rest.

“These are issues of routine governance that will be driven by our focus on good governance. Once the nation is united and secure and the economy is grown, these sectors will be supervised to ensure they attain their zenith.
Overall, we will restore hope and the founding ideals of our nation.

” The Middle Belt is a firm believer in Nigeria and the Nigerian project. Under me, the best of Nigeria will emerge”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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