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Jim Iyke Pulls A Media Stunt From His Movie Production Set In Ghana, Clears Air On Converting To Islam

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June 2, 2022



Jim Iyke (left) on set.




From production to post production and finally the box office, filmmaking, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood or Kannywood, the industry thrives best when there is media excitement, expectations and controversy.

Thus when the viral news hit the internet that Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has converted to Islam, what greeted the news ranged from pleasant surprise in northern Nigeria to shock in eastern Nigeria and chuckles in Western Nigeria as well as indifference in Central Nigeria.

Jim Iyke drew in all the rebounding reactions with glee while the movie directors, producers and crew were becoming ecstatic over the attention.

The actor took slow steps to express his reaction to the report of his conversion to Islam.

Media reports on Wednesday portrayed some Muslims welcoming him to their religion.


Jim Iyke.

But reacting, Jim Iyke in a video on his Instagram page dismissed the reports, saying he had no plans of ever converting to Islam.

According to him, the viral photos which triggered the claim were taken from a movie he’s currently shooting in Ghana.

“Let me quickly address the elephant in the room and go back to what I do best. I feel it necessary to address the rumour making the rounds lately.

”I made a movie in Ghana and it’s a movie about religious fanatics, someone took a picture from that movie and claimed I converted my faith.

”I respect all religions and I have no intention of ever converting my faith. I’m totally committed to my faith. I don’t understand why someone will do these but there is a certain line that you do not allow to be crossed,” he said.

The controversy is definitely going to keep building up until curiosity would propel many expectant movie lovers to see it, thereby taking it to the top of the chats.

“It’s a well known publicity strategy in the industry “, Adesua Edosomwan, a movie lover told us on the line from Benin City, Edo State.

Meanwhile, movie aficionados wait with bated breaths for the upcoming release of the topical movie at such a time as this, when Nigeria is still reeling over the controversy of the killing of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto as a result of a religious controversy.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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