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Kaduna State And It’s Numerous Problems Of Leadership


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May 17, 2018

If an individual says to anyone else for that matter that he/she has no problem, such a confession can only be true within a specific context and not based on generalized precepts.

Nations like individuals live with problems and the very raison d’etre of the State is to deal with the problems the State is faced with. It is the requirement to deal with problems that necessitated the need for leaders and the associated institution of leadership.

Some people are of the view that the bigger the State, the bigger the problem it has to contend with and from this assumption a deduction can be made to say that smaller States are most likely to have problems relative to their sizes. I am not aware of any study which has proven this assumptions to be true.

Kaduna used to symbolise the entire former Northern region because it was the seat of government of the region. When the 12 States structure came alive during the Military era, Kaduna remained as capital of the then North Central State. Subsequently, Katsina was carved out of it leaving the present Kaduna as circumscribed by the current boundaries.
As an old State Kaduna has not fared badly when juxtaposed with other States in this country. Kaduna used to be a highly combustible State to the extent that some people were referring to my State as the epicentre of religious violence. This description fitted very well in those dark days of religious violence but in recent years there has been a gradual cessation of such religiously inspired violence perhaps brought about by what you may wish to call a balance of terror.

Sadly the communities in Kaduna have drifted apart as is evident to any keen observer rather than coming closer. This has hampered growth in the State in many ways.
One would have thought that democratic governance would act as catalyst to development in Kaduna State and it was beginning to look like it would be so until this rapacious gang gained access to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House through the political door and since then it has been no longer at ease. It is becoming clearer that our elite and the barely literate are largely responsible for all the crises we have to contend with not only in Kaduna State but elsewhere. The majority of our people are rural dwellers and there they live in peace with their neighbours in spite of some of the good things of life that may be lacking.

Throughout the years Kaduna State has been in existence, life has never been as hellish and brutish as it presently is. Today, our hopes have been betrayed by those we gave our votes to back in 2015. Anybody who still has a copy of the APC gubernatorial campaign manifesto will understand the extent to which the electorate in Kaduna was duped. The language of the manifesto is so comforting and inspiring but that is all there is to it because there is no capacity to implement even a fraction of its provisions.

Three years into this regime had Kaduna stagnated only, we who are very passionate about our State would not be feeling this disappointed but rather, the State is drifting backwards into a dark past unknown to us. Comparing our State with some of our neighbouring States like Kano, Katsina, Jigawa and Sokoto one will instantly feel a sharp pain right through his/her spine.

Just a few days back, a neighbouring State welcomed back home some medical graduates trained in an Egyptian facility. I am also aware that there are other students still studying in other institutions in Sudan and Uganda all of them fully sponsored by their State governments. In Kaduna State we have nothing to show for the 3 years gone aside bombastic and combustible rhetoric. In the 3 years since this regime took power, not a single student indigene or otherwise has enjoyed any scholarship yet the regime is so vociferous about growing our State. The regime has auctioned off virtually all landed properties that governments before it put up mostly to family members, friends and cronies. Where the monies accruing from the auction has been deposited is anybody’s guess.
Is there even if a single project that this regime has started and completed?
The answer is an emphatic No.
The failures defining the regime in Kaduna State are dotted everywhere . It does not make any sense asking or looking out for an uncompleted project but rather ask for any that has been completed.

Any government that is not thinking of ways to increasing her revenue base apart from wholesale sacking of civil servants and the auction of landed properties is obviously bereft of the capacity to govern. The much hyped schools feeding programme had to be quickly abandoned after a few months and a humongous expenditure of over 9 billion Naira or at least so we’re we told. This claim was a barefaced lie and therefore a convenient cover up for theft from the public till.

The time is approaching when these bogus claims will be properly and meticulously investigated. From the onset, I smelt a rat when the Emperor came public with the fact that he had paid or was paying Fulani for losses they suffered in the 2011 post election violence. He had made calls to assure the Fulani that one of theirs was now in charge as governor. I concluded then that we had a bigot on our hands. He was shortly to insult all of us by decreeing that there are no indigenes in Kaduna. This was obviously intended to prepare the ground for the hordes of non indigenes he drafted to occupy very sensitive positions in the government and at the expense of those bona fide indigenes who occupied such positions prior.

From his standpoint, everything and aspect of governance he met on ground was not good enough as only he and his acolytes were. He therefore embarked upon the sacking of teachers, local council staff, traditional rulers as well as other staff of the State Civil Service. In all of these, he lacked the humanity to pay those affected by the sacking their severance allowances.

The dictator’s penchant for reckless speech knows no limits. Because perhaps he may not have read history or has very limited understanding of this subject he is unable to derive anything from its rich reservoir. How else will this character wake up and at a function start disparaging our forebears accusing them of not doing much for the nation after independence. At yet another function he openly boasted about how he prevailed against 2 former presidents and in his exact words ” despatching one to his grave and the other to Otuoke “. With regards to this disastrous and embarrassing outburst he received condemnation in equal measure as lyricists had a field day composing songs in a more critical response.

I know that leadership ought to be imbued with some level of restraint because my late forebears educated me so, but we have a deficit here in Kaduna and the situation is getting worse by the day. Just recently after the defeat of the request for a World Bank loan of $ 350 Million
at the Senate, our Emperor technically broke loose, threw away decency and publicly went for the Achilles heels of three distinguished senators representing Kaduna State.
The words that ensued from this manner of a Mallam were most despicable, worthy only for the dump sites or gutters. What the Emperor had to say clearly underscores a view I have held all along that we may have been dealing with a complete lunatic all these past three years. Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani did very decently by putting out a response saying in part that, “you cannot be seeking a loan by insulting the bank manager”.
Like I have always recommended, Shehu Sani too kowtowed with the urgent need for a psychiatric evaluation of some sort.

The time has come for a gag to be applied to the mouth of the Emperor to prevent him from further violent eruptions. The just concluded sham local council polls have exposed the underbelly of the dictatorship and it has been ” No Longer At Ease” ever since in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. Our people are learning by the day how to defend our democracy.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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