Kano Citizens Regret Harshness To Goodluck Jonathan After Rigged Rerun Perpetrated By Their Own

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March 24, 2019

Former president Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

Nostalgia over the gentility and meekness of former Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan towards polls and Nigeria rent the atmosphere in Kano as citizens become remorseful over the harsh treatment meted out to the former president in 2015.

Even after saying that his political ambition was not worth the life of any Nigerian and conceding even before results were fully announced as soon as he realized that he was not going to win outright, opponents to him especially in the north and the south west never ceased in deriding and ridiculing him.
Yet he proved to be Nigeria’s quintessential democrat.

The north, and especially Kano believed the propaganda that then candidate Buhari was leading a team of APC men of integrity to power.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan.
The man who loves Kano and the North.

The attendant brazen rigging, rescheduled rerun election, voter intimidation, vote buying, outright violence, manipulation to entrench ‘sit-tightism’ for losing politicians has got the people nostalgic. They’ve been tweeting their minds since the violence marred rerun elections while calling for yet, another cancellation.

Kola Ologbondiyan, PDP spokesman also adds his own views.

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