Kidnappers’ Dehumanizing Tactics. Why Such A System Could Never Have Existed Under Gen. Abacha

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March 4, 2021

By Greg Abolo
TOP LEFT: Obasanjo, Abacha.
BOTTOM LEFT: Jonathan, Buhari.

I was watching news clips on a foreign television station today and there came a report from their correspondent in Nigeria, reporting the return of the kidnapped Jangebe school girls.

As an enterprising reporter, he sought to know what actually transpired in the bushes from one of the school girls who let it out that the kidnappers threatened that the moment the cash payout to them was exhausted, they’d be back to pick the girls up again.

That admission gave the lie to the government’s line that no ransom was paid.

Even the fact that the moment kidnapped school children are returned by their abductors, from Dapchi to Kagara, Katsina to Jangebe etc, the school children usually appear in shiny new clothes and hijabis, an indication that some preparations had occurred while the waiting game was ongoing.

In other words, the kidnap game is a racket, because cash gets paid out, each time a kidnap occurs.
Then why would the kidnappreuners ever put a stop to their business?

Would this have gone on under late General Sani Abacha ?
As bad as his regime was, with all the looting and corruption including human rights abuses, Abacha took no nonsense from even his fellow northerners or whoever.

When an innocent Igbo trader, Gideon Akaluku was wrongly accused of being the husband of a fleeing lady said to have desecrated what a mob had labelled as some holy paper and Akaluka had been taken into prison custody. Some Kano youths had scaled the prison walls and beheaded the trader.

Akaluka’s head had been placed on a spike and paraded round some sections of Kano city. Gen. Sani Abacha ordered military intelligence into Kano city to fish out the members of the gang that carried out the crime, and executed almost all of them. That offence of extremists, killing people in Kano scaled down.

But today, important clerics visit herdsmen kidnappers in the bushes, not with bullets but bread and appeasements. Yet kidnappings continue. Many kidnapped persons have reported forceful and humiliating rapes. In some cases, while husbands or wives watch. Then they kill at will, despite collecting ransoms.

Nigerians have applauded President Buhari’s new stance that whoever was found with an AK47 rifle in the bushes should be shot at sight. While commentators seek clarifications on this, the nation watches how implementable this would be.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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