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Labour Party’s Ken Pela, Julie Nwabogo Umukoro’s Visits To Ndokwa, Isoko lands In The Floods Is Heartwarming

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November 1, 2022





Labour Party gubernatorial candidate for Delta State (middle), Deacon Ken Pela and his running mate, Professor (Mrs) Julie Nwabogo Umukoro at an IDP Camp distributing some palliatives.

By Greg Abolo

There are Delta communities that are submerged in flood water. They may think that they are forgotten.

Then the announcement that Labour Party was on it’s way.






Shock and pleasant surprises awaited them when the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate Kawhariebie Ken Pela and his running mate suddenly showed up, bringing most precious gifts of foodstuffs and other necessary items to them in these trying times through wooden canoes.


The Labour Party candidates knew something deep inside of them that hundreds of thousands of resilient Deltans would sit through the floods by sleeping above water, some on wooden canoes because they know the incompetence of the government who would make noises about Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps without provisions and for photo ops only.

That was what propelled them to go into the creeks and flooded areas despite all the difficulties to present food items to them.

From what we observed, there was no prior notification. They suddenly saw Ken Pela and Julie Nwabogo laboriously paddle canoes to meet some of them in their flooded homes.

“There was no network whatsoever in Ase for instance. The resilient people of the community have not used their telephones ever since the floods began in September. There’s only a Glo Mast in the community and it’s power Generator has been submerged in flood water since then.

Even if it weren’t so, can anyone drive there to pour diesel into it?”.

An aide to Ken Pela told us on the phone when they got back to Ughelli after an eleven hour gruelling paddling across some communities in Delta state.

We let LP gubernatorial candidate, Deacon Ken Pela and Prof. (Mrs) Julie Nwabogo Umukoro, the deputy governorship candidate tell us their story on the journey.




At a point, the candidate and his deputy had to go individually though wooden canoes to different communities. ” That was the only way possible to enable us to reach more communities within the limited time. Some communities took between three to six hours to access “, Prof. Julie Nwabogo Umukoro told us on her return to Kwale (Ndokwa West) from Ase in Ndokwa East.

Are the floods showing any signs of receding?

” Yes”, Professor Julie Nwabogo Umukoro told us but added that the going down of the floods is rather slow. “This flooding was beyond what the resilient people experienced in 2012. The crop losses are more this time around because the flood came suddenly, according to the people who saw it come in real-time”.








One heartwarming piece of information came to The Oasis Reporters crew while watching Deacon Kawhariebie Ken Pela speak on a Quest TV program.

He opined that digging huge lakes in various communities can absorb some of the flood waters. The dug up sand would be useful in sandfilling roads during constructions.

It seems to our in-house analysts to be cost effective in the short term while plans are on to do what state governments in Kano and Katsina did.

Kano state has Tiga Dam. Katsina equally has Jibia Dam.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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