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Lessons Southern Kaduna Must Learn From Terrorism Imposed Upon Them By Antagonistic Ethnic Groups

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January 31, 2021

By Col. Dauda Gora (rtd)

If for any reason(s) the ethnic nationalities of Southern Kaduna fail to learn and to draw lessons from what is happening elsewhere in this battered contraption called Nigeria, we shall continue to journey to the cemeteries on a daily basis because some elements of Fulani extraction are determined to take over the territory of Nigeria.

It ought to have been a settled issue in the minds of most, even the most uninformed in Southern Kaduna that we are living on borrowed time requiring very urgent steps to avoid a doomsday scenario in the not too distant past. We can trace the history of our blighted past to essentially the colonial and the post colonial era after the colonizing British swept and mortgaged the collective interests of our people under a feudal carpet through the dubious policy of Indirect Rule.

The suffering of our people was set to continue after the departing British handed over or at best sold our people to yet another phase of colonialism at independence in 1960 except that this time the colonialism was internal and under the Fulani.

Since then, our people have always struggled to hold their place within the contraption. The impression that Nigeria belongs not to Nigerians but to the feudal Fulani regimes has been the dominant narrative, otherwise how can fake later day historians claim that Zangon Kataf in Kaduna State for instance belongs to Fulani settlers even when every record argues to the contrary?

Similarly, did not the Fulani lay claim to Benue State as being theirs?

In the face of these bogus and false claims can there be a future for us and our grandchildren if we fail to secure our ancestral lands? What happened to the Hausa of Hausa land could well happen again to our people.

The problem with our people remains that we see and feel the problems and threats against us but we delude ourselves that we shall all be OK without any effort to that effect.

The truth remains that freedom obtained at no price can never be worth the letters with which it is written. It was convenient in the past to blame the British and their feudal accomplices for our condition but now we must blame ourselves if we fail to secure our land and interest.

Of late our people have had to and are sill bearing the brunt of Fulani invasion of our ancestral lands for no other reason than land grab. Our people must know that until and unless they are ready to defend the lands our ancestors bequeathed to us well can easily lose all of it.

No Nigeria military or police is going to be tasked to defend our lands if we do not. Look at what happened centuries ago in what used to be known and called Hausa land. Under the guise of purifying Islam, the invading Fulani have all but taken over all of what used to be known as Hausa land. Wait a minute and ponder over it, what exactly qualifies the Fulani to claim religious superiority over other peoples particularly the Hausa?

What will the Arabs claim, given that the religion of Islam took roots in their land?
If the Kanuri and their Beriberi neighbours make such claims it can be understood because Islam reached Nigeria from their land. As the Fulani were executing this dubious agenda, they masked their intentions under the phrase HAUSA-FULANI and by this name they have acknowledged that they are strangers in Hausa land. The claim of purifying Islam quickly gave way to the pursuit of political and other interests.

Having so easily secured all of what used to be known as Hausaland, the Fulani invading army has quietly infiltrated into other parts of Nigeria going as far as the littoral areas of Ijaw, Ikwerre, Effik, Annang, Urhobo and Yoruba lands again in the name or being pastoralists . The Niger Delta people as well as other communities of Southeast, Southwest, Middle Belt must not go to sleep like the Hausa did otherwise history will repeat itself.

Thanks to the eradication of the tsetse fly, otherwise what will so-called Fulani cattle herders be looking for in Ijaw, Urhobo and Itsekiri backyards and destroying farmlands?

Is it not suspect that the Fulani herders are the only people going about even in market places armed with sticks, cutlasses and some other concealed weapons? What explanation is there to give for this state of affairs?

In the face of all of these sad events the people, our Southern Kaduna and by extension the ethnic nationalities of the Middle Belt must wake up from our slumber so as to take our destiny into our hands. Until and unless we are ready and prepared to defend our God given ancestral lands and freedoms via legal and constitutional means, the Fulani are on standby to roll or trample over us.

What our people have been subjected to lately is just the tip of a huge Fulani iceberg of occupation. Worse case scenario the Fulani will return to the foothills of the Futa Djalon highlands and the SeneGambia region from where they came from. The Fulani met us here. We have no other homeland than here but they do and when it is time, they already have where to return to. My Atyap leadership and people in Zangon Kataf of Southern Kaduna have serially been engaged in a fruitless and wild goose chases for peace with dubious Fulani individuals and or groups all of which have failed to bear any fruits.

Given the level of insecurity in Nigeria especially in Southern Kaduna and the Middle Belt in a general sense, our people must embark on proactive measures to secure their lives and their land.

Just a few days back in the same Zangon Kataf area there was an inferno which destroyed the supposed venue of the Atyap Youth Christian summit. Mysterious as the inferno appears, diligent investigation could well reveal other motives. The Atyap people must be celebrating the fact that the attack did not occur after the Youth Summit had commenced. Had this happened, it would have been a different story altogether.

Care and maximum restraint must be exercised particularly during this difficult period of insecurity not to congregate in large numbers. Terrorists love to attack areas and or locations where large numbers of people gather such as Mosques. Churches. Schools etc. Their purpose is usually to inflict maximum casualties and destruction.

The era of Covid-19 too is the more reason to avoid huge gatherings. We can always practice our religion in private until the situation improves. We must take heed otherwise there is an uncertain future for us.

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (rtd) .

He writes from Kaduna, north west Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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