Low Hanging Ominous Dark Clouds With Strong Winds, Buhari May Yet Avert A Storm

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February 5, 2018


As Nigerians, we are passengers aboard this ship and we are all aware that this ship has been taking in water for some time now. For a fact, the lower deck has already been evacuated. By way of hindsight, we set sail on 29 May 2015 and all the voyagers were in very high spirits. Somewhere along the route our captain took ill, happy enough his deputy came in handy.
It did appear that the navigators did a tardy job in plotting out the route and so we are still out at sea, with no shoreline in sight. Our ship almost suffered a wreck but the Creator miraculously intervened and calm weather returned.

It is shocking that the captain developed what mariners call sea sickness not long in the course of this voyage, shocking too, because only new comers are likely to become victims of this ailment. Recall that this same captain once captained this same vessel back between 1983 – 1985 but a change of command took place midway during the trip.

I was once a victim of sea sickness as the Nigerian Navy sailed us from the Port of Monrovia in Liberia in the days of ECOMOG (the Economic Community Of West African States’ military intervention force for the sub region) so I consider myself eminently qualified to talk or write about how disorienting it could be.

Some of the passengers are already disturbed enough to be considering deploying some lifeboats in an attempt to save themselves.
It is not late yet for our captain to save this doomed vessel on condition he is bold enough to fully take charge of the vessel. Some of the characters he trusted to help him steer this vessel have proven to be very incompetent therefore the captain must relieve them of their duties if this vessel is to arrive its designated port safely.

Relating the above to Nigeria’s current political travails, there can be none of our country men/women who is happy with what we are passing through except those feeding fat and lining their bottomless pockets at our expense. Apportioning blame as to who is or who is not specifically responsible for our travails will simply amount to flogging a dead horse. Surely, the first port of call in seeking to find out why this nation is in this mess is the presidency.
We know that there have been health challenges, we know too that this government inherited a terribly poor economy compounded by a sharp drop in the crude oil market.

The “Last Supper” of the Jonathanian era left the Central Bank vaults empty and there was barely anything to start with as the likes of Dieziani Allison Madueke and her errant boys became so gluttonous stealing both what they needed and did not.
After 3 years in the life of this government surely there ought to be an improvement in our miserable condition. Things are so bad that even if you had something to sell so that you may put bread on the table for the children, you’d find no buyers. We are all so hungry that we are reduced to what late Bola Ige described as ” Siddon look “.
The nation is almost at boiling point. Our kids are still at home as parents cannot send them back to their schools because they are not in shape good enough to pick up the bills. Schools these days will never let any student into the school premises without a bank teller indicating that the fees have been paid.
Will you blame them?
Were they to let the students in without evidence of payment, what stories will they tell their teaching and other administrative staff with families to provide for?

I am positing this viewpoint from the perspective of the education system in Kaduna State where I am domiciled and where if you want quality education for your wards, you must take them to a private school.

The truth is that the situation in Kaduna miniaturized the larger picture at the Federal level if not worse. The dictator of Kaduna State has almost demolished all that Kaduna proudly once stood for. We simply have a mad man galivanting all over the political space as governor. He promised to do the impossible but cannot even do the ordinary such as removing refuse usually dumped on the streets.

With the dark ominous clouds hanging low, and strong winds blowing, one need not be a meteorologist to predict a storm. We are presently in an omnibus political situation where no political pundit can accurately forecast even the next 4 months in the lead up to 2019.

We are all agreed though on the need for real CHANGE but this time a, PEOPLE ORIENTED CHANGE. The prognosis for the governing APC is not good as our people have waited on end without seeing the change. In a way, we are all responsible for the current state of affairs from the President, the entire cabinet down to the States and lastly all of us who queued and voted for some of these characters.

As the title of this post suggests, the President can still salvage his government. He can do this by being firm and taking full charge of what happens in his government. The hyenas and jackals otherwise referred to as “The Aso Rock cabal” must be smoked out. The cabal hardly understands what national interest is, which is why they are in pursuit of personal interest as against the national interest.
Were they to have been acting in the interest of the nation, the image of the President will not be this low. The President will need a complete cabinet reshuffle to inject fresh blood into the governance process since most of the cabinet members are simply inept. New appointees will enervate and reinvigorate the government and bring in new life. This done, the confidence of the electorate which has been on a downward spiral could be bouyed up.
The President must act boldly to dispel the impression now deeply rooted in people’s minds that there is a secret agenda unfolding with regard to internal security in the country. A situation where Fulani gunmen are sacking communities and killing indescriminately without being apprehended does no good to the image and position of the President.

It will do a lot of good if the President were to take a cursory look at the composition of the headship of the security agencies in order to reflect national character. Currently, the composition is tilted very much in favour of the North to the chagrin of other parts of the country.
Not doing the above, I am afraid that this nation may be atop a banana peel. As things stand, some political dinosaurs are already chopping away the foundation of the governing APC . They do this by seeking to build some allainces that could pull the wind from the sails of the APC.

Written by Gora Dauda.

He writes from Kaduna in North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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