Massive Stimulus Packages in Germany And The US, To Tide Them Through The Covid-19 Lockdown

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March 26, 2020

President Donald Trump of the US
German Chancellor Angela Merkel with President Buhari in Abuja.

As a fallout of the unprecedented outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic that has yet, no vaccine, American president Donald Trump has taken the step of announcing a massive stimulus package of a very high level to cushion the effects of the pandemic on businesses, many of them struggling or already bankrupt due to the spiral effects of the massive lockdown due to the pandemic.

President Trump announced three Trillion dollars which is so far, the highest amount ever announced by a US government in history. Each family is meant to self isolate, maintain social distancing if they happen to be on a queue or in a shopping mall, wherever.

Schools are closed all over the United States and learning has gone online. Food would be delivered to the, vulnerable, the needy and the elderly.
It is expected that the American government would pour out massive funds on a higher scale to research stations in a race to find a vaccine for this dreaded disease that has so far defied abilities to get its structure.

The American economy is headed downhill, with many people out of work. And this is attributable to the ongoing tribulation. The stimulus package is also aimed at helping American families whether the storm, just as a massive production and importation of critical medical supplies is expected as well as other critical consumer supplies.

The German government also announced a stimulus package of €156billion while the Bundestag has opened an unlimited ambit for massive borrowing, just to contain the pandemic.

Meanwhile the consumer confidence in Germany is at it’s lowest since 2009.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still under isolation for being in contact with a Coronavirus infected doctor. Though Merkel has undergone a test that showed she’s been found negative, she still remains under quarantine.

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