Nigerian Diaspora Professionals Commend Biden For Visa Ban Reversal, Restate Country’s Medical Impact In The US

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January 26, 2021

Dear President Joe Biden,

As Professionals of African descent in the US, we wish to thank you for working expeditiously on your first day in office to overturn the xenophobic and misguided immigration ban on Nigeria and other countries by the previous administration.

The ban on immigration from Nigeria was particularly deleterious to US public health security. In 1993, the UN Human Development Report said over 21,000 Nigerian doctors practiced in the US (Some reports claim this number has since doubled).

One in four doctors in the US are immigrants and one in three nurses are immigrants. Nigerians reportedly comprise up to 50% of Black doctors in the United States!

Given the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of 400,000 Americans (25% of global deaths) overwhelming medical infrastructure, more, not fewer immigrant medics are needed.

One hospital in New York lost 30% of its staff to COVID19. Going by that data, almost the entire immigrant factor of 30% nurses/25% doctors would need to be replenished just to reach pre-COVID-19 levels!

With the mismanaged pandemic response, the US is now the global epicenter with over 25 million COVID19 cases.

America needs both the financial value and medical workers that Nigerian immigrants bring now more than ever.

Notable examples include Dr Onyema Ogbuagu of Yale University who helped invent Pfizer’s life-saving Coronavirus vaccine. Dr Ogbuagu obtained his medical degree from the University of Calabar in Nigeria.

Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu

Dr Ogbuagu’s vaccine is saving millions of lives in your administration’s COVID-19 battle strategy of 1 million vaccinations per day and ultimately could save billions on the planet.
Also on your COVID19 response team is a Nigerian American advisor and Harvard graduate Osaremen Okolo.

Osaremen Okolo

Another exceptional example is of course Nigerian American immigrant Wale Adeyemo whom you’ve entrusted with the post of Deputy Secretary of the Treasury – the first black man named to this office – proving you yourself are fully aware of the talent wealth of Nigerian immigrants.

It was therefore unfair and hurtful to both Nigeria and America to ban Nigerians in the first place. While the prior administration was right to ban officials involved in election rigging and religious persecution, it was certainly wrong to ban innocent citizens as well.

We thank you for your recognition and utilization of Nigerian American talents and for rescinding this unjust ban on a productive and exceptional immigrant group that greatly enriches the tapestry of these United States.


Signed: On behalf of The Nigerian Diaspora Group.

California-TX.-MD –
Dr Chinedu Ukwuani

Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe –
Washington DC

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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