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Nigeria’s Political Realignments: Northern Minorities Go Astir, Come Into The Reality Of Their Soft Power

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October 13, 2021


Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom…championing a PDP presidential candidature of southern extraction and party chairmanship of a northern minority.

As the choice for a PDP presidential candidate becomes the hot topic for political discussion in Nigeria, the hitherto ignored and suppressed northern minorities who happen to be mostly Christians that bear the deadly brunt of assassinations, attacks, kidnappings, displacements by alleged Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram insurgents, the people are taking steps to take action politically and save their necks now.

Gov Lalong’s(bottom right) Plateau State has borne an equal brunt of Fulani terrorists’ attacks. Many of his people are languishing in refugee camps and farming is heavily disrupted .
Opposition politician Gov Nyesom Wike( right, middle) came from far Rivers State to commiserate with the Benue government and people during a major killings there.

Northern minority tribes are questioning their northernness if each political tenure, all the big posts go to rich and influential northern Muslims while their candidates fall by the wayside, go to jail or die.

“Check it out. From Sir Ahmadu Bello, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua and Buhari who have emerged as national political leaders either at the regional level or the presidency, has there ever been a Christian”?

That was the question Ayuba Abraham posed to our reporter in Kaduna.

Ayuba further posited that each time girls or school children are kidnapped for ransom or as sex slaves, the northern Muslim bandits pounce on Christian minorities, most time refusing to release them, despite huge ransoms being paid. Muslim hostages are promptly released.

Therefore this time, northern minorities are finding their voice, saying they would no longer be pall rice, eaten only when there’s no other choice.

The Middle belt minorities are this time, filing behind the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom who broke ranks with the northern PDP stalwarts to insist that the PDP national chairmanship position should go to the middle belt Christian region. ” It is to create a chance for the PDP to field a presidential candidate from the south”.

Social media influencers from the region are pushing out facts on the viability of the choice by showcasing their strength in unity, against the backdrop of Fulani terrorists’ attacks to displace them from their ancestral lands.

In one of their posts circulating in the media though unsigned, it describes the vastness of their voting strength:

From Plateau to Southern Kaduna to Taraba to Gongola (Adamawa) to Nasarawa to Tangale-Waja (Southern Gombe), Bauchi-Plateau (Southern Bauchi), Southern Borno, FCT, Niger east and Kainji (Kebbi south and Niger north).

Over 200 Indigenous ethnic groups of Central Nigeria with similar cultures, traditions, ancestry, history, languages, orientation and societal values.

These are the Jukun, Gbagyi, Berom, Tangale, Eggon, Bachama- Batta (Bwatiye), Bassa, Zaar (Sayawa), Kamwe (Michika), Bura, Ebira, Amo, Kuteb, Marghi, Mumuye, Lelna (Zuru), Tshingini-Tsuvadi (Kambari), Chamba, Ngas, Mwaghavul, Tarok, Atyap (Kataf), Bajju, Adara, Akurmi (Kurama), Hyam (Jaba), Mada, Idoma, Igala, Igede, Ufia, Etulo, Yuom, Alago, Tiv, Kilba, Jhar (Jarawa), Goemai, Kibaku (Chibok), Lunguraba, Jenjo, Waja, Mbula, Afo, Tula, Afizere, Nupe, Gwari, Kolo, Pyem, Migili, Wurkun, Ninzo, Pan, Pengana and many more dozens of special ethnic groups.

About Forty (40) million people united by a common culture and history, but suppressed and oppressed by colonialism, the institutions and existence of Nigeria which erroneously defines some as majority and others as minorities.

Some call us Northern Christians, others call us Northern minorities, Hausa Christians, Middle Belters, Kabilu, Arnan Arewa and many other names borne out of ignorance and sometimes mischief. We are however the PLATEAU GURARA GONGOLA peoples. Descendants of the greatest Confederacy of Africa KWARARAFA and the ancient NOK CIVILIZATION. We know who we are and we do not need others to define us.

We are the true food basket of Nigeria as we produce more than 70% of the locally cultivated food crops in Nigeria.
With 4 distinct vegetative zones, the Guinea Savannah, the Sudan Savannah, the unique subtropical mountainous zone of the Jos-Plateau and the Mambilla Plateau and the unique Northern Guinea Savannah of Southern Kaduna. Pretty much every kind of crop in the world can grow within this blessed region.

We are the tourism heart of West Africa with multiple forest reserves, virgin forests with unique plant and wildlife, innumerable mountains, rocks, waterfalls, rivers e.t.c.
We are truly blessed !!”.

They are sharing the awareness to be converted into political strength to make for a truly united Nigeria where everyone is equal and important.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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