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‘Nigeria’s Security Challenges Are Beyond Local Partnerships’ – British Envoy Duddrige

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May 15, 2021

James Duddrige, British Minister for Africa.

By Moses Gbande

The British Envoy and Minister for Africa, James Duddrige, has identified viable alternatives in combating on-going security challenges in Nigeria.

He says the on-going security problems in Nigeria are “massively complex and no partnerships are going to resolve such multiplicity of problems”.

James Duddrige in a tweet equally harped on the issues of climate change as it affects society and it’s security thereof.

The Envoy who disclosed this while answering questions from newsmen, also said Nigeria’s security problems are not just about intelligence, security and military structure, but are linked to issues such as society, humanitarian support and education.

According to him, rather than local and indigenous options, why partnerships will not work in resolving the problems, the issues of society, humanitarian support, and education must be re-organised and factored into policy and programming of counter terrorism.

It will be recalled that the advent of British ‘sphere of influence in Africa for trade interests and territorial rights identified five uniquely different “societies” that eventually became” Nigeria” under British colonialism.

According to the British Minister for Africa, some non-negotiable values such as autochthony, ethnography, demography, economy, and religion are critical in determining a new, peaceful, and harmonious Nigeria, noting that the earlier amalgamation of Nigeria along mutually exclusive treaties had their shortcomings and time bombs, and that could be the bane of local partnerships to counter insecurity.

It will be recalled that in a virtual meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on April 22nd, 2021 current US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinke described the security problems of Nigeria as “extraordinary”.

James Duddridge MP, @JamesDuddridge is Conservative MP for Rochford and Southend East and also, Minister for Africa for the UK Government.

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