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Obinna And Onem: Two Youths Grasping Nigeria’s Infrastructural Ocean With Wide Bridges, Receive Adulation

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March 5, 2022

By Greg Abolo




Onem Tyna Miracle on the bridge she constructed (left), Gabriel Obinna on the road remediation project he initiated. Two selfless youths making a difference.


In the face of government’s inability to close the wide infrastructure gap in the country, two Nigerian youths, Onem Tyna Miracle who is currently gunning for Ogbia local government chairmanship in Bayelsa state and a National Youth Service Corp member, Gabriel Obinna in Kwara state have received praise wherever they go for showing selfless leadership amid Nigeria’s infrastructure rot.


Onem Tyna Miracle is currently representing Ogbia Ward 2 in Bayelsa State. Ogbia local government area is former President Goodluck Jonathan’s home area, and he hails from Ward 13.

Due to Onem Tyna Miracle’s superlative performance, compassion and love for her people, she solved the problem of movement in her ward. Two communities were separated by a tiny rickety wooden bridge across a small stream and the government didn’t seem to have noticed the suffering of it’s own people.

Bridge that the people had to struggle with before the Miracle of Onem Tyna.



The bridge, built.


Newly constructed bridge, Hon. Onem Miracle Tyna


Like a Federal government spokesman, Femi Adesina was quoted as having said that heavens won’t fall if fuel scarcity persists since Nigerians are used to suffering:


This Nigerian youth, Onem Tyna Miracle stepped in to solve the bridge problem. As a councilor, one of her entitlements is a car allowance. The young lady converted the fund into the provision of a bridge to ease the free movement of her people.

It was a classic case of self denial for the general good of her people. She has won praise and her people are asking her to run for local government chairmanship election that she seems poised to clinch. But she’s not taking the love for granted, so she’s out and about campaigning all over Ogbia.

Onem Tyna Miracle is now running for Ogbia local government chairmanship.

Information reaching The Oasis Reporters office shows proof of Onem’s active encouragement of education for the youths in Ogbia to attain greater heights. She’s been paying examination fees while also encouraging extended classroom learning for students.

As Onem Tyna Miracle does it for her people, what took our breath away in the office was the selflessness of another youth, Igbo born Gabriel Obinna who was posted to Kwara State for his compulsory National Youth Service Corp scheme.

According to him, he met a big “challenge in Ayegbami. I had just arrived as a Corps member 10months ago. I was told the erosion ( in the community that) had claimed the lives of two kids, with businesses closed, inaccessibility to about seven other communities, etc. Overwhelmed with compassion I swore I’d do something about it”.

Obinna looks at the daunting challenge.
then solves it.

Photos and videos show proof that he met the challenge and solved it.

With the life of excellence these youths are showing, must Nigeria continue to recycle expired leadership who come to office only to feather their own nests and seek more entitlements ?

Let the ones carving imperishable niches by grasping the ocean with wide bridges step up to lift the lot of Nigerians up. It is time to turn our back on the monumental lack of distinction in service we see every day from career politicians.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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