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Oh, South Africa, Leadership Failed Africa. All Her Leaders Have Failed Her – Dr. Okey Phoenix Ajah

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September 16, 2019

Dr. Okey Phoenix Ajah

It is difficult to have any sense of pity on anyone killing your brothers, but pity is actually what they deserve. In the final analysis, when they kill Africans, are they not also killing their brothers? Is ignorance a virtue? Is stupidity a virtue?

The remaining clueless leaders of Africa should shelve that “… non interference in domestic issues of member countries”. Rally up all sleeping leaders for the sake of SA. This should be the last effort to save her.

South African leaders missed it. They missed it a long time ago beginning from Nelson Mandela (May God continue to rest his amiable soul). He may not have been whom South Africa needed at the time he became their President.
They may have needed a tougher hand. However, significant to note is that it doesn’t look like he mentored anyone. From the way they are all speaking, counting out the one everybody regards a tout, Malema; it appears no one learnt anything from Mandela. Mbeki was a simple embarrassment in his speech addressing xenophobia.

If the rest of Africa misses this chance to impress it on both the citizens and leaders of South Africa how wrong this contrived belief system is, we may get to a point when every African will leave the country alone and then they will immerse themselves in their own crisis.

Kelechi Deca posted the crime statistics of that country today and without adding xenophobia to it, it should scare any visitor. I’ve always known that besides New York, J’borg has always been the city with the highest crime rate since the 80s.

Another crisis in the future is being overlooked. And that is the one that will involve South Africans spilling over the rest of Africa as economic refugees. That’s the path they are towing at this point. The reason all Africa should be concerned about this recurrent cycle of Xenophobia.

May the gods and ancestors of Africa lead us all aright.

Written by Dr. Okey Phoenix Ajah.

Abuja, Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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