Osun’s Darkest Moment, As It’s People Mourn The Rape of Democracy


The Oasis Reporters

September 28, 2018

Osun State 2018 PDP gubernatorial candidate, Ademola Adeleke.

Great people of Osun State are in mourning over the documented assault on democracy and violent electoral robbery streamed live worldwide on Thursday.Across Osun today, there is no jubilation,no celebration, the state is in a deeply sad mood.

Our people were violently robbed, their mandate forcefully snatched and an unwanted leadership imposed on them.Ever since the creation of the state, this is clearly the darkest moment.

Almost all election stakeholders attest to the blood soaking process where a gangster-like operation was conducted to subvert the will of the people for the imposition of a rejected leadership.Leaders of thought from all parts of the country are appalled by the open theft and the danger it portends for our nascent democracy.

As most critical state institutions are compromised and shamelessly partisan,the Ademola Adeleke Campaign Organisation will still explore all democratic means to restore and retrieve the stolen mandate. We are determined to continue the political struggle by seeking judicial redress for the sake of democracy,our people and the future of our dear country.

We extend our appreciation to the great people of Osun state for their unrivalled support from the beginning to the end of this flawed electoral process. You stood by us for democracy to prevail but anti-democratic forces trampled on you to temporarily deny us that sweet victory. It is not over.

We also congratulate journalists, election monitors and observers for standing by the truth. Your fair and equitable role exposed the reprehensible electoral robbery. We still need you to be on guard as Osun state has signalled more ominous signs of what to expect in the near future.

We cannot but pay homage to the memories of our party members who lost their lives during the poll. We commiserate with their families. We send our sympathies to our members who were attacked and incarcerated. Our pain is for democracy. No matter how dark the night may be, daylight will prevail.

We salute the courage of our leaders and party members. We put up a good fight.We won this contest but we were openly cheated. We salute citizen activists and Nigerians from all walks of life for defending and standing with us and democracy.

That stolen mandate of Osun people will be retrieved and a good day shall come when our people shall rejoice.


Olawale Rasheed,

For: Ademola Adeleke Campaign Organisation

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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