Plateau State: ‘Control Your Thirst For Anarchy, Lawlessness’, D T Sango Urges Hon. Golu

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July 22, 2019

Hon. Damishi Sango.
By Moses Gbande, Jos

The Plateau State PDP Chairman, Hon DT Sango, has urged Hon Timothy Golu to control his thirst for anarchy and lawlessness.

The State Chairman made the call through his personal aide on media and Communication, Hon Macham Emmanuel (JP), while granting audience with Central Zone PDP Youths at the Solomon Lar Amusement Park Jos, today.

Hon. Emmanuel Mancham.

Macham said Hon Golu represents future leaders of this State but seems to be clouded by lies, uncontrolled emotions and lack of respect for rule of law. Having been a lawmaker, one expects that Golu should by now be matured both in character and conduct, especially on what and how to say at a given time, adding that he lacks the moral right to ask the State Chairman to resign.

Hon Macham said that the State Chairman does not hold any grudges against Timothy Golu or anybody even after the media outburst.

Hon Timothy Golu, a former Law Maker, was quoted to have granted interview to bloggers, asking the State Chairman to resign from office.

Hon. Macham condemned the media outburst, asking for the resignation of Hon Sango, stressing that as far as the allegations labelled against the state Chairman are concerned, they must not be swept under the carpet.

“We have a petition already written against the State Chairman, the allegations contained in the petition are too weighty for any reasonable person to start suggesting that the Chairman should just honourably resign without clearing his name”, Macham explained.

Hon Sango is waiting for the facts of the 1.6Billion naira presidential funds diversion as labelled against him and nothing more, nothing less.

“These allegations, I am assuring you, that Sango will follow them to a logical conclusion, as he will use every legal means to justify his clean image and character after the investigation.

“Many party faithfuls are waiting for the outcome of the investigation on the allegations”, Macham exploded.

“Baba Sango has remained calm despite the provocation, intimidation, public embarrassment and defamation of character by calling him all sorts of names.

“I am assuring you that the ground is boiling, the call for Hon Sango to resign by Hon Golu or anybody therefore, does not hold water at all”, he concluded.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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