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December 4, 2019

Majority of the people of Kaduna State worked tirelessly to ensure success at the polls in 2015 for the APC because almost everyone yearned for CHANGE, but what has played out in the governance process since 2015 after the APC took power in Kaduna State particularly, has left the people in utmost shock, for the status quo has changed for the worse.
No one envisaged that.

A few States may have been lucky to have made some reasonable progress but for Kaduna State, we are as it were, jinxed. Nothing or next to nothing has come our way developmental in spite of the empty rhetorics by the government.

The first term of 4 years was squandered doing battle with enemies that did not really exist, thus reminding many of us who have read the classic, titled, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cevantes.
Don Quixote was controlled by paranoia which I suggest is the same condition our leadership in the State suffered from at a point. Otherwise, how for heaven’s sake will a governor pursue policies against the people on whose backs he rode to power? Unless the reader is a resident of this State they will hardly understand the travails of the people of Kaduna State.

We in Kaduna State are in the second of 2 terms of the government that has made hostages of all of us. Governance has been heavy on rhetoric but empty in deeds or action. Like the character in Miguel de Cervante’s epic, the dictator has carved out a ” Siberia” being the people of Southern Kaduna as bigots, and trouble makers and did promise never to sit down with them on any issue.

He may have forgotten he deployed our collective patrimony to pay compensation to the marauding bands of Fulani jihadists who he openly claims to be his kinsmen without such monies having been duly appropriated, that was in Phase 1.

In Phase 2, he embarked on carving out large swathes of land pursuant to the noxious absurdity of grazing areas again, for his kinsmen including many foreign herdsmen who are now as things stand, more Nigerian than most of us.

Pursuant to yet another Phase in his agenda, he has effected the arrest of many innocent indigenes of Southern Kaduna, consigning them to life behind bars and without the due process of law.
As if to make a complete caricature of his acclaimed 2015 Campaign Manifesto tagged, ”Let’s Make Kaduna Great Again”, many of what he does is actually the complete opposite of that which was promised. The Education system in the State is in complete ruins after many teachers were laid off leaving empty classrooms in those schools lucky to have them. If not a sadist why not pay off those teachers who got laid off?
Did he stop at retiring teachers’ alone?
No, he went after traditional rulers in a climate of insecurity which in any case he helped to create from his combustible and incendiary pronouncements relieving many of their appointments again, without paying them off. Can policies such as these grow any State under the same circumstances?

After abandoning or so it appears to us the Let’s Make Kaduna Great Again pre – 2015 election campaign manifesto cliché, the people of Kaduna State are trying to come to terms with yet another policy which he and the cartel mostly made up of Chinese and sundry Yoruba business associates deeply entrenched in the government of Kaduna State. For reasons best known to him alone, prefers importing characters from outside our State to work with him and for him. For all we care, much as the cartel will try to keep records away from prying eyes, when the time comes we shall get to the bottom of it. That the investigation regarding his reckless display as Minister of the FCT and in particular the alleged disappearance of proceeds from the sale/auction of Federal Government houses during a previous government is set to reopen should teach the lesson that ” A goldfish has no hiding place ”.

With the relentless pursuit of the Kaduna urban renewal which is preceded by reckless demolition of people’s houses and business premises, one wonders why. Rather than these destruction why couldn’t a new Kaduna township be built altogether, contingent on sincerity of purpose and goodwill?

If you are a resident of Kaduna township, surely you must know the portion of Independence Way stretching from Bida Road and the Independence Way junction down to the Police College Roundabout, you will recall, that almost every building starting with the Courthouse opposite the National Ear Hospital down to the Police College Roundabout are sitting right on the road without any drainage system separating them. If there is any justification for pulling down any building at all under the guise of urban renewal, common sense should have had these buildings demolished. But no, he would rather have his rampaging bulldozers go for ordinary people’s properties elsewhere but in particular those along the Sir Ibrahim Yakowa highway.

Where it a pro – masses government,wouldn’t it have served better to relocate those whose property are to be affected before bulldozing them ? Does he care? Why should he, when he derives pleasure seeing the people who voted for him in pains and travails?

I am left to wonder who El Rufai’s Kaduna Urban Renewal will benefit in the end.

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (rtd).

He writes from Kaduna State, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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