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Proverbs Of Soludo As The Palm Oil With Which Words Are Eaten: His Voluminous Responses That Lack Answers On Obi

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November 15, 2022






Emeritus governor Peter Obi in a bear hug with current governor of Anambra State, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo after the swearing-in. But hear Soludo now, unplugged and his emotional tweets of explaining himself.

By Greg Abolo



The issue in the case between Chukwuma Charles Soludo versus the people as it relates to his emotional response to a television interview question he made about the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi’s investments in Anambra State as governor over ten years ago has brought so much saliva into the discuss, without offering the needed answers.

He fired the first salvo with this never ending tweet:



That tweet alone has over 3000 responses. You can be certain that the largest part of the responses were his own, belaboring each statement, and each statement having it’s own responses, much of it incurring it’s own chain of responses, and your guess is right: also made by him.


Governor Soludo’s official vehicle, built by Innoson Vehicles, a company that started during the regime of Peter Obi as governor, and still thriving.

That did not stop each word having equally it’s chain of voluminous responses equally made by him. All those voluminous words are supposed to do one thing: exonerate the man, Soludo, over his unguarded responses during that unfortunate television interview that exposes something unintended about the emotional intelligence in the man that exhibited his real intentions and the state of his thoughts.


He is trying very strenuously to exonerate himself. The more he does, the more the path continues to spew forth more mud that has made the political path more slippery.

So just one tweet with over 3000 comments and threads may lead to 5000 more threads, and sub threads with more sub and yet many more sub threads, soundbites, by the same Charles Soludo, that say absolutely nothing.

It was the late Professor Chinua Achebe who noticed this character trait in the people of the South East. So his fictional colonial White District Officer Mr. Wintabota (Mr. Winterbottom) in his book, Arrow of God, got so furious that he ruled furiously that he would take no further questions from the Igbo natives he was ruling over.You may read No Longer At Ease first, then find Things Fall Apart, all classic novels.
People in the South East love voluminous words.


It is therefore very tiresome going through all the threads. Even if you attempted it, the sub threads and sub sub threads up to infinity, would only tell you that the majority stakeholder in all the stock of threads, is a very brilliant essayist and Charles Soludo can carve woods out of any Iroko tree.


But has he tried to exonerate himself from the accusations of lack of emotional intelligence ?

You be the judge.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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