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PRP Endorses Luka Panpe Yakubu As Its Gubernatorial Flag Bearer In Plateau State

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June 1, 2022


Luka Panpe Yakubu, PRP gubernatorial candidate in Plateau State.

By Asile Abel, Jos

On-air personality, Luka Panpe Yakubu, popularly known as the ‘People’s Professor’ and a current affairs commentator has been endorsed by the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) to fly the gubernatorial fly of the party in Plateau State in the 2023 General Elections at the Azi Nyako Youths Centre during it’s convention.

With the entrance of Panpe into the People’s Redemption Party in Plateau State, the party is gradually making inroads into Plateau State as APC and PDP members seem unhappy with the outcome of their various party primaries.

Panpe is a lecturer with the Plateau State Polytechnic, B/Ladi and hails from Panyam District of Mangu LGA. He is a household name in the State considering his intelligent contributions on radio and television programmes.

At his public presentation to the people of Plateau State, Panpe has promised to improve on the security situation in the state and tackle land grabbing if given the mandate to be the governor of Plateau State.

Greg Abolo

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