‘Quick Riches Are Ephemeral’, Elisha Mamman Cautions Youths Against Dabbling Into Cyber Crime

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October 17, 2019

By Emmanuel Onotevure

With the increasing spate of cyber related crimes involving youths across the country and their subsequent arrests by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Nigerian youths have been called upon to shun criminality and instead, focus on meaningful and legitimate activities that will improve their life chosen aspirations.

Elisha Mamman, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, lamented the mentality of some Nigerian youths who see crime and criminality as the easiest way of getting fame and recognition in the society when there are more noble and respected
means to affluence, wealth and societal acceptance.

Mamman, the Convener of the Winning Mindset, a motivational platform, expressed his worries and concerns in the way cybercrime and activities related to it that have now become the norm among the youths and their peers, stressing that this is certainly not the way to become a respected personality in the society.

“Unfortunately, while we seek to focus on productive means and ways of providing for ourselves and families, it is pertinent to note that quick riches may seem to attract respect, in the true sense of it all, that so called respect is just but temporary and without base”.

Speaking with The Oasis Reporters recently, at an event held at the prestigious premier University in Northern Nigeria; Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) postgraduate auditorium, Zaria, Elisha Mamman noted that with the profligate lifestyles as showcased in the entertainment industry, some youths have come to see cyber related crimes such as ‘yahoo-yahoo’, rituals and other social vices as trending.

“It is unfortunate that cyber related crimes has assumed a worrisome dimension today in Nigeria and, with many youths eager to acquire exotic cars, properties and accessories, the latest fad among them is the ‘yahoo-yahoo”.

“But then, we must understand that there are several legitimate and honourable means of livelihood that abound in this blessed country and if properly utilized, will not only attract honest financial greatness, it will give anybody that genuine respect in society”.

“Daily, we are inundated with news in the social media space of arrests by the anti corruption agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC of young Nigerians over cyber related crimes such as ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ which has continued to give many, a very negative impression of our youths. Sadly, this is not so as we have many enterprising young minds whose versatility are creating positive waves in the global space”.

“It is to this effect that I want to enjoin youths to engage themselves by expending their versatility and innovativeness in the execution of noble projects that will make us proud”.

Elisha Mamman encouraged the youths that Nigeria is a land blessed with so many resources, which, if they can dispense their untapped energy and creativity upon, one will be amazed at what they will produce with their time.

“The agricultural sector of this country is begging for attention as there are so many gains to be tapped from the sector. All it requires is the resourcefulness and vibrancy of the youths to harness these gains”.

“As students, it will be wrong for us to be out on the streets in search of white collar jobs when we can become self reliant and employers of labour ourselves. Our innovativeness and creativity alone can give us huge financial gains when we stay away from crime and criminality”.

“Success is not what you should pursue but rather, what you should attract by who you become and what you produce with your hands. For a man to have Good Success, he must attain it without violating the laws of God and the laws of Man”, Mamman stated.

Elisha, at his interaction with the youths, disclosed that there are five powerful characteristics every man who desires to have good success must possess which is character based. These are namely: Good Success that is progressive, Good Success that is about problem solving, Good Success that is about the quality of the person rather than the quantity of his possessions, good success that brings about productivity.

According to the convener of the Winning Mindset, “A man can succeed without CHARACTER but cannot have GOOD SUCCESS without character.
Character is a strong pillar for anyone who desires to have good success in his life and business.

“Attaining good success is not instant but rather, progressive. It is as a movement from one stage to another, progressively. If any man desires to achieve good success, he must know that good success takes time to come by, and must be willing to wait, take progressive actions and stay faithful to his process”.

“Any man who desires good success must possess problem solving personality and mentality”.

“Good success comes because of the problem we solve for others and that we must work with our hands to create solutions in the form of
products and services. Solving problems is the way to having good success”, Elisha advised.

In his words, the Winning Mindset convener said that, “the nation must begin to encourage hard work and dignity of labour amongst its citizenry and also, the youths must begin to focus on ways of developing skills that are relevant and useful for the present”.

“Youths must be willing and ready to upgrade those skills as times and seasons change, as the world is changing fast and, how these things are done, are also changing. We must improve how we do things and must learn skills in line with the future of work” , he stressed.

Advising the government and other privileged Nigerians, Elisha said there is the need to encourage youths to pursue education and personal development and for them to shun vices and crimes in the name of pursuing success.

“Productivity is the ability to create solutions to actual or perceived problems either for ourselves or for others”.

“To be productive is to be able to use what you have to create what others need. To have Good success, you must be productive; you must have enough capacity to work and create great results for yourself and for others”.

“Youths, if given the right encouragement, can help steer the developmental pace and growth of Nigeria, as many of these youths have the capacity to provide quality leadership that is the bane of the problems of this great nation, Nigeria”.

He implored students to adopt a ‘winning mindset’ by seeking quality education that is key to a successful life.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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