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Re: Nomination Of Kaduna State Deputy Governorship Candidate For The 2019 Election


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November 5, 2018

I have just read the drab post by a certain Rev Kokwain who must be a fake on the subject matter of the nomination of the Kaduna State deputy governorship candidate for the 2019 election. The fake Reverend claimed and signed the statement on behalf of another fictitious body going by the name of Southern Kaduna Elders Forum. The said statement came barely two days after Evangelist and Deputy Governor of our beleaguered State thoroughly corrupted the air with yet another embarrassing statement which he signed for Senior Christian Elders in the service of the State.

The deputy governor’s statement took aimed shots at some clergy in and outside the State for being so overtly critical of his boss the dictator in Kaduna. Knowing the deputy governor for who he has turned out to be for these past 3 years and also given his very reckless and unguarded statements of late, we are not surprised and which is why nobody is taking him serious anymore.

The fake Rev Kokwain in his statement was technically delivering a sermon on the choice of one Dr Hadiza as a drputy governorship candidate for the 2019 governorship elections come. The fake Reverend did not tell his supposed readership under which of the many political parties this choice was made. Kokwain must be suffering from an acute form of amnesia not to remember that the first insults the dictator did to all of us upon assuming the office of governor of the State was to decree that there were no indigenes in Kaduna State. Kokwain struggled in his statement to make the point that Dr Hadiza is an indigene of Kaduna State from Sanga LGA. Reverend Kokwain and the gang he is supposedly fronting for must be thoroughly bereft of the core reasons why some people not restricted to the southern part of the State take exception to the choice. Since Kokwain put his statement on Social media it means he can also peruse the contrary views also on the Social media.

I used to know of an organized body of elders from the Southern part of the State peopled by highly respected and mostly retired civil servants, technocrats and military/police officers but I have my doubts if the so-called Reverend Kokwain belongs to this group and for all that I care, the Elders Forum from Southern Kaduna has been apolitical and in my humble view could not have gone so low as to be associated with the statement under discourse. We’re not unaware that there are many wolves in sheep skin amongst us who’s main concern is to play the fifth columnist within our ranks.

It does not matter how many fake Reverend Kokwains are planted by agents of the dictatorship in our ranks because by God, we shall unmask them. Kokwains effort has fallen flat on its face and he is advised to try something else. If the people of Kaduna State are sore worried over the choice of the deputy governorship candidate of any political party contesting the general election next year, who the hell is out there to deny them that RIGHT in a democracy even as imperfect as ours?

There has been this devilish design to make religion an issue in particularly the politics of Kaduna State and by extension Nigeria on a general sense. In Kaduna State, the protagonist of this evil scheme is none other than the dictator himself. It is pedestrian information that he has gleefully been trying in all ways possible to ridicule the people of Southern Kaduna for reasons only he, himself knows and he is deploying politics as a weapon of choice in executing an agenda of hate against the people of Southern Kaduna.

We in Kaduna State are not essentially concerned with what faith an individual professes, our concern rather has to do with the quality of governance expected from such individuals. To hide behind the veil of religion to unleash doses of poor or despicable leadership on the people of Kaduna State is what we abhor and totally reject. Those seeking to make political capital of this issue must have a rethink because there are many a family even in the Southern part of the State with a mixed Christian and Muslim membership. The dictator desirous of turning our State into either a Somalia or an Afghanistan for purely political purposes must realize that he is a passing phenomenon like any of us and that in due time, he will be consigned to the pages of history.

Because he has assumed a larger than life view of himself, he has failed to factor in the diversities of the State. I liken the dictator to a GRAVEN IMAGE with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, a mouth that cannot speak, legs that cannot walk, a body that cannot feel etc yet, he is bowing down to the same image he has with his own hands carved out in worship. The outgone deputy governor in this State in Arc Barnabas Bala Bantex even as a Christian turned out a major disaster for failing to provide leadership for the people of Southern Kaduna even at that, he is not keeping his mouth shut as he has continued to make demeaning statements against his own people.

The worst thing to have happened to Kaduna State is that back in 2015, the Buhari tsunami did not deposit a core politician for Kaduna State as governor for certainly, a core politician would not have committed the blunders of the El Rufai government. This is the very reason the people of Kaduna State are battle ready for the epic political confrontation in 2019.

My only worry for a political party preferring a civil servant as against a core politician for a running mate to me is suspect. It is better not to even think of such an absurdity seeing the light of day. All religions I believe preach fairness and equity to all whether members or not.
To what extent therefore can El Rufai claim to be a good Muslim?

The people of Kaduna State must be warned well in advance that the dictator is bent on proving a point and will go to the extent of hiring and paying demons to prove that point. The consolation is that the people of Kaduna State have a bigger point to prove come 2019 and as Joseph Stalin warned many years ago, ” Elections are not rigged by the voters but by those counting and announcing the results”. This doomsday scenario could well manifest in 2019 unless every voter is vigilant before, during and after the votes have been cast. If the meteorological department forecasts heavy rain on a certain day and you choose to go out without ether an umbrella or rain coat, you will only have yourself to blame after you have been thoroughly drenched.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

He writes from Kaduna, north west Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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