Resilient Gloria: TeaGirl Who Ticked All The Boxes, Lands Job As A Banker In The Same Bank

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January 18, 2022



Amaechi Okobi (left) and Gloria. Photo credit: LinkedIn/Amaechi Okobi

As a daily routine in one of Nigeria’s Tier-1 banks, Tea girl Gloria would wash cups clean, serve tea and also wash them up after.

One day, she took an extended leave of absence to go back to school and study, after which, she reapplied to the same bank.

An executive in the bank where she used to serve tea recently met Gloria in one of the branches of the bank where he works and was pleasantly surprised at the change of story. The lady had transformed from teagirl to being a banker. Tea cups had given way to i-pad and computer screens.

Same lady. Same bank. New job description.

The top bank executive has narrated the shock he felt the moment he ran into the lady who had developed herself and has now become a marketer in the same bank.

Amaechi Okobi said he recently met Gloria who served as a tea girl in his workplace, but was pleased at the major


The girl has changed. He said he was unable to recognise her anymore. Narrating the story, Amaechi wrote on LinkedIn:

“Some years back in our old building, a tea girl was assigned to my floor. Her name was Gloria and her job was to serve tea, wash used cups, make sure those who had flasks had a steady supply of hot water and some other things that the role of a tea girl required. She was always in my office. We talked often and she would tell me about her hopes and aspirations.

Fast forward to today. I’m sitting in the waiting area of the Lekki Branch by the Avalon House on Admiralty. Gloria recognizes me. Gloria now works in @myaccessbank as an employee. From the time I last saw her, she had ticked all the boxes and here she was – Tea girl to banker.”

“My mind is blown and I couldn’t be prouder of this young lady. She tells me that she is a marketer responsible for recruiting customers to the bank. Her tray had been replaced with account opening forms and an iPad.”

Many people who reacted to the post on LinkedIn praised the girl for her resilience. In his reaction.

In a similar grass to grace story, the story is often told of a security staff who replaced his uniform in a bank at close of duty on Friday evening, only to resume on Monday money in dapper suit as a banker.

He had passed the qualifying examination and had a change of status.

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