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Russia/Africa Summit: When Shall These Shameful Summits Stop For Africa To Take Its Stand And Be Itself ?

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October 28, 2019

Nigerian President Buhari (left), Russian President Putin.

History tells us that civilization started in Africa, in fact, science has also shown that life started in Africa But with the level of deterioration we witness today, the question arises; Who took the civilization that started with us away from us?

These and many more questions bug my mind every single day, these are the questions I seek answers to, the very questions African leaders must please give us answers. It is either they give us answers to these questions now on earth or would have to answer it in heaven or hell which is very certain.

Can we talk about the Japan/AFRICA Summit? USA/Africa Summit? China/Africa Summit? Turkey/Africa Summit?
The current one now is Russia/Africa Submit. These are meetings that one tiny country either in Europe, America or Asia will organize and call all our African leaders and happily they will all march to the very country to discuss African development. African Presidents will go to such meetings with large entourages and happily will begin to send back home pictures of how they signed agreements on how that tiny country will come and develop the whole of Africa.

Currently, we are witnessing pictures of African Presidents signing memoranda with several Russian companies and government bodies on how those companies will come and develop Africa.

In my little research, I discovered that as at 2019, the population of Russia stood at 146.3million less than Nigeria alone whose population now is about 200.96million. I also discovered that like Nigeria, the mainstay of the Russian economy is oil and gas, that Nigeria alone in Africa has more engineers and doctors than Russia and I concluded that with good leadership, we should be the ones leading Russia and not Russia calling all of Africa for a meeting on development.

While I am not against Russia as a country, I really do not understand why African leaders will go to Russia to discuss their development. Sometimes I begin to wonder, why will it not be European/Africa Summit, Asian/Africa Summit or American/Africa Summit?
With all our Natural resources and scientists, why are we still seen as a very backward continent that any country anywhere can just wake up and call the whole of Africa for a summit and all our presidents will march to that country and begin to send back pictures to us as if they went to the moon?

We have had several of these summits before. What is the impact of them all in Africa?
How well has these summits helped Africa to develop?
What have we achieved through these summits other than these countries exporting gardeners, mechanics, and wheelbarrow pushers to us as expatriates?

What have we achieved through these summits other than these countries coming to Africa to exploit us more?
What knowledge have they transferred to us other than turning Africa to a dumping ground for their inferior and substandard products while they take over our industries?

In the pipelines perhaps, Pakistan and Afghanistan are likely to be planning for Afghanistan/Africa Summit, Pakistan/Africa Summit after India must have done their own.
What have we turned ourselves into?

Written by Ekpenyong Isaiah-Isababa

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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