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Segun Onibiyo’s 25 Day Prison Odyssey: Finally, He Comes Out Unbowed, Unbroken

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December 19, 2019

Segun Onibiyo.

I was already ‘closed’ for the day, actually within the ‘special cell’ compound washing my hoody jacket when I was called to the main gate at about 5:15pm. It was a very cold evening that day too; 18th December, 2018 in Kaduna Central prisons.

As I got to the warden’s office, I saw a policeman with a white paper and my name and stuff on it.

The lady behind the computer entered some details, asked a few questions that I answered smiling. Then she said, “there’s a mix up. The case file number is different from what we have in the documented details here in the system”.

“So what do we do?”, Said the policeman.

Segun Onibiyo in white top, surrounded by wife, Folakemi, youth leader, Danjuma Sarki (in between Onibiyo and a family member in light green. Extreme left is another family member. Just as he was being freshly released from jail.

We were asked to go and speak with the admin head.

We marched to his office; funny part, he was my sports buddy, and he seemed so concerned about my plight, right from the first day he saw me.

“I’m sorry my friend, we can’t let this in. Let the policeman meet the judge to draft another one then bring it latest tomorrow morning and it’ll be cleared”.

All through, I was smiling. “It’s okay”, I replied.

I strolled back to my cell to continue washing. Some 20 minutes into it, I was called back by the Deputy Controller of Prisons.

“Let me see that paper”, he took the paper from the policeman, who initially went out and returned, I was told. He looked at it, then said, “who stamped and signed it ?”

“The court clerk,” replied the policeman.

“So why was it not accepted? Call the admin head for me immediately…. In fact, just wait…”

The deputy controller went to the admin office himself and he returned a few minutes later.

“Enter it like that since the court clerk has signed. After all she’s the one who made the first mistake before she stamped and signed the document. It’s not even the policeman’s duty to take the document back for correction but ours. How do you guys do your work here? Enter the details and let the poor man go home”.

So it was entered and I was told to “go get your things. Your bail conditions have been met”.

I walked back to my cell, told others what transpired. We shook hands, hugged and exchanged words of encouragement as I took my toothbrush, wet jacket and walked towards the main gate where I was searched and asked if I had anything with the ‘keepers’.

“No”, I replied and we walked towards the main gate with the policeman holding my arm and offering words of advice, “please after now, don’t run away. Your Surety is an old man who didn’t know you from Adam but against all odds stood for you”.

I smiled, thanked him as the gates opened.

Outside, I met my surety, an old man. We hugged and shook hands as I thanked him profoundly. I saw my elder brother, his wife, my other brothers Steven and Sunday, my friend (now brother) Danjuma S. and my loving wife. I walked across the road with the policeman into their smiling happy faces and warm embrace.

We drove home singing, making calls sharing happiness to meet my mom; who immediately she saw me went flat on the bare ground and rolled for minutes, singing and dancing.

I just want to thank God for His faithfulness. His love, care and mercy never runs short for those who seek Him.

He was with me from day one, He showed me mercy and granted me favor before everyone I met.

I return all glory to God for everything; it is 1 year ago today… I’m glad I am here to testify.

To everyone who’s been part of my story, I want you to remember; God will not forget your act of kindness towards me.

From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate.

“Ese Pupo”, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Written by Segun Onibiyo.

Social media impresario, broadcast journalist and jingle maker.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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