Sen. Sani, Kadaria Ahmed Reveal Where Most Governors Hibernate While Their States Burn

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April 9, 2019

Senator Shehu Sani (left), Kadaria Ahmed.

Curious that after the general elections have been done and dusted and in some cases, with the active connivance of some powerful and significant northerners like Kadaria Ahmed are now revealing what they have always known about their politicians and their monumental incompetence. Especially now that the mindless carnage and bloodletting has come close to their homes, and even entered.

Kadaria Ahmed was livid in rage when she demanded that she be quoted, her home state governor, Abdulaziz Yari “is the worst governor in the history of Nigeria”, claiming that the governor hardly stays in Gusau, the state capital as bandits have practically taken over the state, kidnapping and killing citizens in large numbers at will, while the insensitive government looks on ineffectually.

Whereas while she put President Muhammadu Buhari on The Interview seat before the election, the Talata Mafara born interviewer, Kadaria Ahmed failed to raise tough questions for the president on security.

Senator Shehu Sani has also hurled mud at governors who run off to the Nigeria’s capital, Abuja and lodge in comfort while their states remain practically on fire.

Sani in a tweet late on Monday said these governors spend days in Abuja all in the name of meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said the governors spend Monday to Thursday in the FCT and on Friday they head to the mosques to pray with the president.

Meanwhile, Sani, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central in the Senate has said that the killings across Nigeria stem from situations in which the political class and governing elite place more emphasis on political power than the lives of the common people.

Sani in a series of tweets on Monday opined that pampering power rather than questioning it is always tragic.

He said, “Political power is more important to the Governing elite and the Political class than the lives of the common people. The consequences of petting and pampering power when it should be consciously questioned and charged is always tragic.”

The parliamentarian further stressed that “a nation has lost its soul and humanity when it only has to take a public outrage, rebuke, and objection for its leaders to respond to the tragedy of its people”, said in a report by Channels TV.

Additional reporting by Channels TV.

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