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Smart Solar: The Sun Shall Soon Smite Nigeria’s Energy Corp (PHCN) By Day, But They Know It Not


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June 11, 2018












Smart solar options can take Nigeria out of the dark.

I wrote about two years ago that solution to Nigeria’s intractable energy problems that defy the billions of dollars thrown at it will come suddenly, one day. It won’t be from elected but thieving politicians. Technology will make the grand theft against the Nigerian people stop abruptly.




Let me tell you a little bit about NITEL that once upon a time, were the only source of our talk time experience. A country of 120 to 160 million people had only 500,000 telephone lines and only half of it ever worked.


Nitel was not in a hurry to improve things and we worshipped their staff just to ensure that a few of us could talk. Then the staff exploited us, and used the excessive bribe money we gave them to buy flashy cars. Imagine a level 04 staff owning two Mercedes Benz cars, just because he could string two wires back, wires he disconnected himself, to make hapless us talk again. I swore at them one day in Kano, North west Nigeria for making me so miserable, and my job very difficult. Their manager marked me. But what I said came to pass.



Today, even villagers have phones in remote localities.
Where is Nitel, the telecommunications monopoly, their staff and their big cars today?
Gone with the wind.


It shall come to NEPA, PHCN ( Power Holding Company Of Nigeria) or whatever they call themselves.





If PHCN had employed smart heads as Managers, the moment those billions that flew away got into their hands, they would have established solar farms in the semi arid north and supplied more energy then maintained their monopoly.
They frittered the $3.5b or $16b away depending on the story you want to listen to.



Assuming we woke up tomorrow morning, or before the next Christmas to hear that the Chinese solar panels have become smarter, cheaper and better, install a panel on your rooftop, and get electric power to even supply to NEPA …the hunter will then become the hunted.
Antiquated technology will give way to smarter options…


Look, it can happen. Perhaps sooner than later. We will then ask PHCN to come and remove their ubiquitous wires, meters and poles that obstruct our views.

Ee never finish?

Engr. Cade Agbugba, a respected renewable energy expert based in Germany wrote to me :


“With regards to levelized Cost of Energy, Solar now has cost parity with Gas Stations( the modern Nigerian station) and cheaper than the fossil fuel powered stations,—- moreover it cost $0.36 kWh /cents to power home with diesel generator plant (Nigeria primary load) and $0.14 kWh cent, Solar”.


This is a smart Solar kit, less than 20,000 Naira in cost. Let the panel have contact with the sun and it charges the kit connected with a cord. Plug your lights that are more luminous than PHCH light. It can also charge phones. Power is now in your hands, and no more crazy bills.



Like a dream, homes are now having rooftops adorned with solar panels and former hapless Nigerian electricity consumers that endured crazy bills without electricity are now calling the bluff of the electricity corporation staff. With solar power, electricity generating sets are now being retired, saving millions of Nigerians loads of cash hitherto spent on buying petrol/diesel from gas stations. It is a classical throwback to President Muhammadu Buhari who promised cheaper petrol, but instead raised fuel pump price from 96 Naira/litre that Dr. Jonathan left it to 145 Naira/litre.


Meanwhile, petrol still gets very scarce from time to time. Refineries he promised would work optimally have failed abysmally and his promise to get us new ones has not happened, with eleven months to the end of his tenure.

Solar powered cars are being seen on Nigerian roads now, so perhaps it is time to begin to tell the government to import it’s petrol and drink it for all we care, for we’ve got the sunshine, people, direct from God in heaven above.



Imagine the absolutely noiseless transmission of solar powered electricity into your homes to charge your phones, laptops, power your refrigerators, cookers etc without having to worry about power outages or crazy bills.



God has opened our eyes that he has always been with the people. And Solar can only get better. And better.
Prices of solar panels range from 10,000 Naira to 1m Naira, depending on the size and what you want to power with it.



Our offices at Oasis Reporters is adding more solar panels gradually.
Solar shop outlets are hereby invited to send their shop advertisements by contacting us at +234-80-7642-0678. Or
Our rates are very moderate. Just to create more awareness to light up Nigeria! And West Africa!

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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