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Solving Power Problems Ain’t Rocket Science: Peter Obi’s Gone To Egypt To Understudy Emerging Solutions On It

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June 15, 2022




By Greg Abolo


Peter Obi tweeted @PeterObi that:

“I just departed for Egypt on a 3-day visit as part of my detailed study of comparable countries to Nigeria. In Egypt, I am expected to understudy, among others, the Egyptian Power Sector, Education, Planning and Finance Sectors. -PO.”






Omoyele Sowore @YeleSowore said he
“Heard @PeterObi traveled to Egypt to learn how to fix Education/Power problems, this is exactly the problem with unprepared candidates. It is 9 months to election & a two-term gov. & former VP candidate wants to go learn something from Egypt in 3 days? Wow! #WeCantContinueLikeThis.

But he got it all wrong!

According to Mazi Olisaemeka, “Egypt, a country of about 109 million people generates about 60,000 megawatts of electricity while Nigeria (the giant of Africa), with a population of almost 200 million generates 4,000 megawatts. Yet some of you are asking why Peter Obi is going to Egypt. It’s embarrassing”

Writing on power some years ago, I noted that South Africa with a population less than 50 million was producing 150,000 MW which they claim is insufficient for the kind of growth they envisage. Just consider that.

Going further, I responded thus:


Hear, read Oseloka Obaze on this status report:




One thing about pedestrian thinking is closing one’s eyes, thinking, learning and imagining to solve societal problems.

Imagine Sowore swimming in a River but fails to realize that water produces electricity like it happens in Egypt, powering a country from River Nile.



Sowore who has never proffered any real solutions to societal problems is criticizing Obi’s learning trip.



One of Sowore’s acolytes first drew my attention to Obi’s trip to Egypt on Facebook.

I engaged him on it.

“Ita”, I called him. Truly, solving power problems can’t be rocket science.

Do you remember the main power pointsman for Obasanjo back then who eventually could not deliver on power because of entrenched interests ?
What’s that his name again?

Engr. Makoju.

In all of the Obasanjo years, the then President provided several millions in naira and dollars to power Nigeria. All that money unfortunately went down the drain, because we got more darkness instead.

When OBJ finally relieved him of his integrated power post, Dangote employed him.

He sent him to Ewekoro Cement in Ogun State that he newly acquired. In less than six months, this same engineer built a power plant for Ewekoro cement. 90MW ! Ewekoro cement can not utilize the whole power produced even at that time. They thought of selling the excess power they didn’t need to Nigeria’s Power Holding Company (PHCN).

What changed the dynamics that he could fail with Nigeria and succeed with Dangote?
Leadership and commitment. That’s what Obi is bringing to the table.

But first, allow him to quietly understudy the new dynamics before election time and build us Power. He needs to learn how the financing was done in Egypt. Don’t forget that Peter Obi is a finance man.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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