Sponsors Of Bandits Beware, See How The Cookie Crumbles For Janjaweed Secret Hands In Sudan

The Oasis Reporters

May 7, 2019

Screen capture images of Zamfara bandits. Who are their sponsors?
Once the people rise, secrets would be open.
It’s only a matter of time.

The Sudanese uprising started over certain events that seemed innocuous, and not threatening to every regime that is used to riots and protests over shortages as Nigeria usually experiences, from ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities) strikes, Doctors’ strike, Petroleum sector workers strike, teacher’s strike, transport worker’s strike, etc.

In Sudan, it was a strike over rise in the price of bread and the cost of fuel amongst other rising indices of living.
And see how it snowballed. The military government thought it could ride through it as usual. When they applied force killing dozens of protesters, arresting many more, just with a song from a 22 year old Alaa Salah that went viral, singing a folk song that was a throw back to the Nubian days of old, guns became suddenly defied, fear evaporated and the fibre of the regime was eroded.

The regime was overthrown as evidence of people’s power. So much came out of it, exposing the hidden secrets of the regime, from the secret cells built under mosques to torture chambers.
From the revelations that proceeded, what the world was told about the Janjaweed that was killing Blacks in Darfur, raiding for people to be sold into slavery and the taking of black women as sex slaves by Arabs which necessitated the deployment of UN Peace Keepers is finally known as false.
General Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s government was the chief sponsor. The Janjaweed commanders have been known and thus, a mystery is revealed. All out of the bowels of a revolution that no one could have predicted it’s outcome.

This becomes a window to look through by any possible collaborator to the insurgency in Nigeria. From the Boko Haram insurgency to the banditry and massacres ongoing in the North West and the carnage that occurred and still occurring in the Middle belt. As many as the bandits in Zamfara state are, going by their sheer numbers, all on motor bikes and each armed with an Ak47 in circulating online videos, the hidden hands would one day, be revealed.

Power is transient, no matter how long it takes. Omar Hassan al-Bashir was in power for 30 years. Just a day’s event that snowballed into an uprising ended his regime and erased his legacy, with ordinary people on the streets lining up to throw stones at him as he and his Janjaweed henchmen were transported to prison in open vans like dogs in cages.

They will receive their just recompense for the evil they committed against the Sudanese people, both in Darfur and the general society.
If only the sponsors of kidnappers and banditry would learn from history. Omar Hassan al-Bashir is learning his own too late and in regrets. He had a long chance to be a true Sudanese leader, a democrat and a legend, and he blew it.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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