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Successful Market Survey Reveals A New Business Opportunity In Less Body Revealing Swimsuits For Nigerian Ladies

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April 17, 2023







When a leading Nigerian twitterati on Christian ethics and modesty for girls put out a tweet thus @Solomon_Buchi addressed to:

Beach handball. Nigerian ladies choose proper cover for cultural reasons.

“Dear Christian women,

Your gym wear doesn’t have to highlight sensual areas of your body. Your swimming wear doesn’t have to be bikini that leaves you 80% naked”.
Another feminine responder described Bikini as nothing more than “pant and bra”.

Solomon Buchi went on to describe “other options that cover more of your body and still help you workout and swim with ease. It’s not either almost naked or impossible to swim. I personally think that someone who really wants to cover up, will find ways to; someone who really wants to show their body, will find reasons to. It’s an intention thing too”.

Soon after the tweet hit the community, response galore was the outcome.



One noticeable fact is that despite the beaches that are all over the riverine Niger Delta and other locations in Nigeria, criss-crossing the nation, few ladies go out swimming.

Unlike what everyone sees on beach locations worldwide with scantily dressed women and men.

Cultural inhibitions prevent Nigerian ladies from going out swimming.

There’s a reason.

Swimsuits or better put, bikinis don’t represent them. It didn’t kill the love for swimming.

Even in other track events, there have been cases of sports girls protesting in Europe over super exposing sports gears.

As the tweet thread was still running it’s course, Buchi launched another thread. This time, it was talking business.

Here’s his real power punch: “If you have another wear option for swimming that covers you way more than a bikini, and is also comfortable. Will you use it at the beach? Or it just has to be a bikini?”

Very many Nigerian girls choose fashion designing as a compulsory enterprise course in the university or polytechnic. Soon after the National Youth Service Corps Scheme, a lot of them do not go job hunting. They set up shop as the latest fashion designers in town. It seems to be paying, giving the new graduates in town, space and chance to pay their bills and raise new families, making the nation a happier place.



Modesty would take it’s pride of place.






Hopefully, new swimsuits will be displayed in Nigerian fashion shops. They’ll even be on the runways. Ethical and fashionable swim dresses created by Nigerian designers.

Like earlier noted, the reason most ladies don’t go swimming…well, you’ll know by this comment.



Hello fashion designers in Nigeria. You have a new idea now. Please fill the space.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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