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Summit Of The Two Korean Leaders: ‘Path To Irreversible Peace’, Peninsula To Sleep Easy


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September 19, 2018

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un (left), welcomes his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae In to the DMZ earlier in the year.


Welcome! Pyongyang was ecstatic!

Hours after, an agreement was hammered out towards the path of “irreversible and permanent peace” by Moon Jae In of South Korea and Kim Jong Un (North Korea), right.

The diplomatic world heaved a sigh of relief yesterday, Tuesday, September 18 when television channels streamed live footage of the arrival of the South Korean president, Moon Jae In into the Pyongyang international airport and was warmly received by his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un for a historic and irreversible summit to end all tensions in the Korean peninsula, as a possible step towards uniting both sides of the divide, as the dividing wall between West and East Berlin crumbled to have a United and strong German nation.

The two nations of Korea that were on several occasions on the verge of nuclear war and have had deadly skirmishes on its demilitarized border zone since the east west divide was decided by foreign powers now talk to each other, to the delight of world leaders, especially the US President Donald Trump who had cajoled, threatened, and finally persuaded the two leaders to work things out, as his chief diplomat Mike Pompeo worked relentlessly in the backroom to help them hammer out an agreement on irreversible peace.
The highlights of the historic summit are :

There’ll be a Buffer zone between the two Korean nations on Land and Sea borders to prevent the danger of accidental clashes.

11 Guard Posts in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) to be withdrawn by December with the aim of removing them all one day.

North Korea is to dismantle It’s nuclear test facility and keep it open for international inspection, if the United States of America would reciprocate the gesture.


South Korean president says that North Korea has agreed to dismantle missile engine test site .

Definite steps to be taken towards denuclearization.

Joint searches for war remains would be carried out by the two sides.

The DMZ would be a No Fly Zone.

Korean nations agree to de-arm a jointly controlled border village, starting with the removal of land mines.

The two sides would present a joint summer Olympics team.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promises to visit Seoul in the “near future”

People can sleep a lot easier now over Korea as they enter a new era for irreversible and permanent peace to end the unfortunate era of conflict..


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