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The Fastest Route To Becoming An Influence On Society

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December 29, 2018

Book cover for ‘Becoming’.

“Reading one hour per day in your field will make you a national authority in three to five years”
– Brian Tracy

Many people wish they could have a say in the happenings in their society. They wish they could influence the socio-economic, political or religious systems they found themselves in. Some, positively envied those that have attended some institutions of learning and wish they could replicate same. While some went even to being jealous of people that attended such.

Rather than wishing or even being jealous of becoming an influence in your society or profession, seek to find out the surest key to becoming influential.
So what’s that magical or surest key to becoming a person of influence?
It’s very simple yet hard to do by many, especially Africans.
It’s simply by studying. If only you will give heed to reading meaningful books; I guarantee you, you will certainly become an influence in your world. No religious, political, economic, tribal or any form of segregation, domination or stratification can suppress you or stop you from becoming influential if you will read.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m not necessarily talking about obtaining volumes of certificates like SSCE, NCE, ND, B.Sc., M.Sc. or even PhD. No! I’m talking about reading (studying) to acquire productive knowledge.
By the way, productive knowledge is one that’s aimed at solving a specific problem for the betterment of human life.

Since when I got a clear revelation as regard to the mystery of reading years back in my little village, my life began to experience a significant lift. It’s truly amazing. Reading has a way of enlarging your brain power, broadening your horizon, developing positive perspectives to life, accentuating your reasoning faculty.
In fact, reading has the ability to develop in you anything you want it to. But sadly people today don’t want to read. People in the academics only read to fulfill bureaucratic provision for promotion, students read only so as to pass exams, religious leaders read only to preach, among others. You don’t read just enough to fulfill official provision if you really want to be an influence. You read for personal development.

The question someone might ask is; what will I be reading to become an influence ?
The answer is; read any material (books, journals etc) in the area you wish to grow in. By the way to become an influence means to be able to have control or significant impact on people’s lives in your society without necessarily holding any leadership position. And the best way to become that influence is to excel in whatever you’re doing. The surest way to excelling in what you’re doing is to learn so much from those that have excelled in that which you want to excel in. It therefore follows that, reading will make you to become excellent in whatever you’re doing thereby making you an influence in it.

Reading is sparkling. It’s simply amazing. The good thing is that you don’t have to be born by a wealthy family, religious devoted parent or politically connected people for you to be able to develop a good reading habit. All you need to do is; learn how to read and then read. I read a minimum of thirty(30) books this year and I’m still angry with myself because I didn’t read as much as I could. But thank God for more opportunities lies ahead to read more.

Brian Tracy who rose from stack poverty to becoming an influence in the United State & of course globally, really captured the place of reading in becoming an influence succinctly when he made that remarkable assertion earlier mentioned that, “reading one hour per day in your field will make you a national authority in three or five years”.

Therefore, get up from your slumber. Read, read and read. Stop spending all your money on luxuries. Go to the bookstores and invest in buying quality books. Ladies stop spending all you cash on jewelry. Buy books & study them. You could start with the Holy Bible and then move on to other mind blowing motivational literature and books on your field. IF YOU DO THIS, I GUARANTEE YOU, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU FROM BECOMING AN INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY!!!

Written by Umar Philip

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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