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The Myopia of Bigoted Northern Nigerian Oil Secessionists

The Oasis Reporters

February 3, 2019

Buhari Commissions

By Turaki Hassan

It is really laughable and farcical reading some ethnic bigots on social media calling for the division or secession of the “north” from the “south” simply because President Buhari flagged off crude oil search in the Kolmani Well River-II, located near Barambu, Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi state.

They said foolishly and stupidly that since we now have our own oil, let the country be separated.

How foolish, myopic, shallow and narrow minded they are.

A mere commencement of exploration or search for oil does not in any way amount to a discovery of oil.

Moreso, even if the oil is discovered, is it in large commercial quantity that is worth attracting huge investments from multinational oil companies?

Assuming we got the oil in large commercial quantities and attract the investment needed, the north is landlocked, which means that we must transport our oil through the south to reach the sea ports of the Atlantic ocean for export. This will require support and cooperation of the south which will surely amount to ceding some percentage of the oil to them as it is done between South Sudan and Sudan which takes $11 on each barrel of oil that passes through the pipelines in Sudan.

I can bet with anything that as soon as oil is discovered in any part of the north, states where it is discovered and exploited will begin fresh agitations for resource control and will do everything possible to control their oil resources as Akwa Ibom did to Cross Rivers state.

More frightening is the fact that sooner rather than later, oil prices will crash, green technology and energy is taking over. Electric cars are already here, this oil will be worthless. Major importers and consumers of oil are cutting down on their demand and shifting to green energy. So we should stop celebrating and rather weep because we have not invested our oil revenue for the eventualities of the future.

Above all however, what this tells me is that had it been the oil in the Niger Delta was located in the north, Nigeria would have long been divided as those bigots will never have allowed our brothers and sisters from the south to benefit and share from “their” oil money.

Turaki Hassan is a Special New Media Aide to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Abuja, Nigeria.

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