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The N 3.9 Billion Galaxy Shopping Mall In Kaduna: Some Pertinent Questions To Ponder Upon

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August 15, 2019

Let’s not dismiss the entirety of this project. However at this point in the lives of the citizens of Kaduna State, it does appear an overkill.
Surely, the electorate of Kaduna State could not have voted for this level of recklessness. I, for example, voted for good governance but what has player out thus far particularly between 2015 and now is a far cry from what the generality of the people of Kaduna State were expecting. Those who may have invested their votes in the current government in the State must be sorely disappointed by the turn of events.

The reader will recall that the first thing the dictatorship embarked upon after assuming office back in 2015 was to massively retrench Primary School teachers who allegedly failed a dubious and highly controversial competency test. Those retired, included professional teachers many of them holders of degrees from reputable Universities in this country. Were these retired teachers paid their entitlements?
No, they were not and have not been paid as this piece is being read and many classrooms remain without teachers.

After realizing the terrible blunder arising from the retirement, which resulted in our children in classrooms without teachers, our Man went through the backdoor or window to re engage some of the same old teachers he had earlier retired to restart their teaching careers afresh. Would any sane person call this justice? Adding insult to injury the teachers recalled have not been paid for about 7 months now. Someone just whispered to me that one month’s salary was recently paid to the not so new teachers. What could be responsible for the non payment of the salaries if not paucity of funds or sheer wickedness?

Compounding the problems of the teachers is the fact that virtually all of them were posted to schools well outside their areas of residence. How in the circumstances can these teachers put in their best? Let us assume that some of them found free accommodation which is almost impossible as where they have been posted to is not called FREETOWN. Will they not be feeding themselves to be in good physical and mental health to teach?

Many more civil servants were similarly retired from their places of work again without their terminal benefits paid. How in heaven’s name will these retired civil servants be paying their bills? This government has simply sentenced these people to their early graves and others to a life of misery.

Again will you call this good governance? If governance is to benefit the people, i’m afraid that the people of Kaduna State boarded what in Nigeria is referred to as ”One Chance”.

Our highly respected traditional leaders were not spared as many lost their positions. Is anybody surprised as to the level of insecurity in the State?

As we speak, there is a huge back load of deaths and other genuinely retired civil servants benefits which have remained unpaid for years. There is the case of a deceased nurse and many more whose death benefits have remained unpaid for about 7 years.
How can the spirits of such people be happy with us the living? I am praying for all civil servants in the employ of Kaduna State to live long enough to enjoy their retirement benefits

It is in the face of these atrocities that the government of Kaduna State is set to squander a whopping sum of N 3.9 billion naira to build what they call Galaxy Shopping Mall. As mentioned earlier, the idea may not be too wrong after all, if all had been well in Kaduna State as the welfare and security of the citizenry remains the most profound responsibility of government.

It is only after they may have built the Mall that they will discover that they built it for themselves, their cronies, families and friends as has been the picture in Kaduna State. A friend commented that the location of the Mall will not serve anyone but the elites living in and around Sir Kashim Ibrahim House and the area called Gwanna Road. The Mall will clearly not serve the common man.

In Kaduna State we have an elitist government which has remained unconnected to even those who may have voted for to put them in office. What is playing out actually serves those who collected the peanuts to rig the government into office. This is a lesson to corrupt politicians whose main concern is to line their pockets with filthy lucre at the expense of the voting masses. The day of reckoning may not be too far after all.

Chei, chei there is God ooooh.

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (rtd).

Col. Gora (rtd) writes from Kaduna, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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