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The Seed Of Tribal Hate In Lagos: But It Is Still Possible To Overcome Petty Hatred

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March 9, 2023






In the charged atmosphere of the vicious tribal hate that occurred in the vehicles spare parts market allegedly dominated by Igbos from the South east, the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes has brought warmth and comfort to a grieving community.

And the night killing of a security guard in the market by the arsonists, is not echoing Eko Lagos. This is not Lagos, because the commercial city does not harbour such cruel nightmares. It is the work of murderous political desperados.



There’s a calm resolve of the united Nigerian residents of Lagos to empathise with the community that has lost so much because of the propaganda of hate some warriors are spewing. They will go out to vote with a resolve.


Does anyone know the amount of surviving spirit to be found in Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes ?

Is Vivour not an abbreviated form of SurVivour?

Many original or aboriginal Lagosians are said to have been trafficked to Brazil and the Caribbean centuries ago during the slave trade. Many of them survived it. Then they found their way back to homeland Eko, Lagos. They are survivors. They are resilient. So this hate will pass.


The Lagos State Police Command has commenced investigation into the early morning fire at the Akere Motor Spare Parts Market Tolu, Olodi Apapa Lagos.

The fire which started at about 0300hrs was put out by a combined team of officers from Tolu Police Division and the Lagos State Fire Service. Sadly, a 65-year-old security guard lost his life in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, CP Idowu Owohunwa, has urged Lagosians to remain calm as the State Criminal Investigation Department has been directed to take over investigation towards unraveling the true circumstances surrounding the attack.

He equally calls for restraints in giving any form of extraneous coloration to the incident, while assuring that the outcome of the investigation will be made public.

In the stories of hate the hired haters are peddling, some said that Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes’ father did not wed his Igbo mother.

Well, he produced his illustrious parents wedding photographs on the internet.


Justice Olawale Vivour Rhodes in a wedding photo with his wife, Dr. Nkechi Vivour Rhodes in 1980 before Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes was born in 1983.

They also said that the Igbos would dethrone the Obas in Lagos and install Igbo Obas in the city.

Why, do the Igbos even have Kings in Igbo land?

Besides Onitsha who bear Edoloid names and have an Obi of Onitsha, where else are you going to find Kings in Igbo land?

The people say, “Igbo have no Kings” because they don’t crown Kings.

So why would people believe such propaganda?






Hear Indigenous Lagosians, endorsing one of their own to be Governor of their own state of Lagos State:




The much hated Igbo who only want to do their business and have no territorial ambitions against any group, because they are not empire builders are being hideously attacked.

Lies are being spread that Igbos are calling Lagos a No Man’s Land. Ask them to mention the name of one Igbo person that said so, a brick wall is hit.

They even accused Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes of being in bed with IPOB which is a big lie.

Even a lawyer that was a former minister who actually used to meet with the IPOB, with their photographs all over the internet when he was married to an Igbo lady that gave him sons has been leading the charge in a newspaper article because of tribal hate and party politics.

But one thing is this: The Igbos survived the civil war. They survived the killings, burnings and lootings in Kano. They will survive this one.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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