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February 21, 2018


With a bulldozer before the crack of dawn, Sen. Hunkuyi (second row, center), no longer had a house of his own. His fingers point accusingly to Gov. El-rufai (bottom, left), a man he allegedly championed into state house.


“In the early hours of today,the @GovKaduna Mallam @elrufai personally drove a bulldozer accompanied by armored tanks to destroy my house at 11B Sambo Road.This is a new low and fighting dirty with such low level of pettiness is indeed unprecedented in Kaduna State” @HunkuyiSuleiman

A whole governor personally rolled a bulldozer and demolished a structure belonging to a  political opponent at night?

Security personnel with armored tanks gave a sadistic sociopath cover while exhibiting this act of vandalism ?

Were these unprofessional and unethical uniformed men not supposed to be along Kaduna-Abuja Road and Birnin Gwari forest placing kidnappers and cattle rustlers on a leg up ?

Is this not a return to the Hobbesian state of nature or Orwellian Animal Farm?

Who is still contesting my postulation that Nigeria is a clime of the flying elephants and swimming eagles?

This barbaric flexing of power by Gov.El-rufai is sinking deeper the pillar of personality theory that holds; people with distinct biological features are likely to be deviants.
Little wonder, a monarch proposed that all people contesting for various positions in Nigeria should be subjected to psycho examination to ascertain their mental stability.

This show of shame was ignited by Sen. Hunkuyi’s opposition to Gov. Nasir El-rufai’s elitist, disruptive and vindictive style of governance since 29th May 2015.

Opposition is a quintessential and concomitant part of democracy.  Citizens are at liberty to enjoy that right wherever and whenever.
Is the small man ignorant of this or is he exhibiting the personality disorder in him?

We have been struggling to let the world know that Governor El-rufai is a totalitarian ruler that is condensing frontiers of Liberty in Kaduna State, but to no avail.  Every time we raise this matter, his propaganda department diverts attention through trivializing and sentimentalizing our alert. We wait to see how they will unabashedly justify this act of vandalization, sadism and sociapathism.

In my epistles to the people of Kaduna State, I gave them early warnings of a dictator in Kaduna State. Consciously or otherwise, I was ignored by those with the legal and moral duty of addressing the matter. Our negligence procreated this full blown totalitarianism.

It is not too late for lovers of freedom to individually and collective square off with this diminutive dictator. We are constitutionally bound to fight for freedom and the sustenance of our democracy. People fought and died for us to get this democracy. It is incumbent on us to fight for its survival, come rain, come shine.

The wee hour vandal and his vandalistic action against his godfather Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi has screwed a long nail on his political coffin. He will end up handing over to the same godfather he demolished his property or one of his appointed comrades in Kaduna State.

This game is getting interesting.


Written by Dr. John Danfulani

Awon Village
Kachia LGA
Kaduna State

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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