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The Widening Political Fault Lines In The Ruling APC


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May 27, 2018

There is trepidation everywhere over what is currently playing out in the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, in many States of this country and at the centre
It is true that every political contraption carries the seed of its destruction. Perhaps it was meant to be this way. The choice of Chief Odigie Oyegun as National Chairman of the APC is turning out to be the worst blunder the APC ever committed because it is turning out to be the undoing of the Party. The APC just like any other political party provided for conflict resolution amongst her members but Chief Odigie Oyegun had other ideas entirely.

Not long after the APC won power at the center and in many other States, crises set in. Instead of dealing with the myriad of crises within the party, the leadership of the APC was busy sweeping all the complaints and petitions under the carpet and lending no hearing ears to those who had issues with the style of leadership in the States. Specifically, it is becoming clearer with each passing day that Chief Oyegun and his gang of conspirators may have deliberately been planted in the leadership of the APC to execute a specific agenda, an assignment which is being beautifully executed with ruthless efficiency. Rather than intervening when there was still time to stem the tide, those who had the duty and responsibility to so intervene and call Oyegun to order looked the other way while the fire burnt.

What is happening in the APC is not any different from the Boko Haram insurgency. When it started, Christians were put to the sword in their numbers and their places of worship burnt or destroyed. Shockingly people of goodwill including religious leaders on the other side of the divide looked the other way and did nothing.

Now, it is no longer the State of California. Just as faulting is a phenomenon in Geography, there is also political faulting as is playing out in the APC. It happened in the PDP years back leading to the loss of political power at the centre and in some States. Political faulting could be prelude to political earthquakes and tsunamis occasioning massive destruction.
If what passed for elective congresses in my State Kaduna was replicated elsewhere, I am afraid that the end of the APC is before our own eyes. I have mentioned this in many a post before this that there were no elections in Kaduna with the exception of the Southern Senatorial Zones. It is so deeply worrying that people identifying themselves as democrats will in defiance of INEC elections guidelines conspire or collude to simply sit down and draw up the names of their good boys and girls forwarding this falsehood as the outcome of an election that never held.
This is classically what transpired in the inner sanctums of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House with regards to all that have passed as elections in Kaduna State. The worst political crime committed by these fraudsters holed up in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House is that they robbed the electorate of their rights to participate in the electoral process. The electoral fraudsters did what they did and with impunity because they have a white haired Angel in Chief Oyegun watching over them and protecting their narrow self interest.

One way or the other Chief Odigie Oyegun will come to judgement some day. When that day comes what will be the old Chief’s defence for not acting on the myriad of petitions forwarded to his office? I thought that as old age makes incursions into our lives, the love of money and other material things will be diminishing. If Chief Oyegun’s principal concern is still primitive enrichment as against justice, equity and fairness, I am afraid that he is living a wasted life and the greater tragedy is that his children will have nothing to be proud of when he is gone.

Chief Odigie Oyegun is not alone in the grand conspiracy against democracy in the APC. The Chief has a clone in Kaduna State and together they have been working together to undermine the APC working from the inside. Central to their philosophy is to continue in power one way or the other one as Party Chairman and the other as governor. The impish dictator of Kaduna State has the vaults of the State at his disposal but it is unclear if the Old Chief will ever be satisfied with his quest for money.

Baba Buhari in rejecting the tenure extension of the Party Excos though acting rather late may have dislocated the Old Fox and other conspirators against our democracy but the Old Fox is not down and out yet. The on going exchanges between what the hawks in the APC are calling nPDP was in my thinking designed to frustrate certain members of the Party. Whether we like it or not Chief Odigie Oyegun is still calling the shots in the APC. Have you noticed that in drawing the names of those to play roles in the APC Convention scheduled for 23 June that the names of members of the nPDP were completed left out? What this action is designed to achieve is better known to those who drafted the lists.

Shockingly, Baba Buhari appears not concerned with what is playing out in the Party. Without claiming the gift of clairvoyance, I can foretell that in the end the outcome from the current scheming will not be in Baba’s interest. As the internal opposition within the APC in Kaduna State we are studying the situation within the APC closely given the dubious scheming of the impish dictator. The impish dictator must never mistake the result which he and his lieutenants churned out during the electoral heist conducted by KDSIECOM to be the realities on the ground. Thinking in such a manner will be akin to the very height of self delusion which if you permit, I will liken to a man in his foolishness carving out an image out of wood and bending down to worship such in the quest for help.

We shall not be intimidated by anyone as we shall actively participate in all elections by not only casting our votes but defending them to ensure they count. The parallel congresses of the APC conducted In not less than 28 States is the evidence that a major fault line has appeared and the plates see drifting into position. Unless there is a major effort at stemming the drift , we should be preparing for a major political earthquake. This doomsday scenarios can be avoided if Baba Buhari acts quickly.


Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd) .
He writes from Kaduna.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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