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The World Unites In Grief Over Horrifying Killing Of George Floyd, Changes Are Inevitable

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June 11, 2020

Statue of Miligan the slaveholder removed in England.

One unintended consequence of the brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police in the USA carried out by a now dismissed cop and his accomplices is that it has united the world in grief across races, creeds and tribes and one human race is trying to find hope by crystalizing the anger and emotions people of conscience felt into a positive vibration to redress entrenched injustices people took for granted.

One physical act has been by removing statues of men who made their fortune on the back of slaves.
The worldwide protests that have followed have led to two icons of the ‘International’ world order to come under attack in Bristol, England; and Virginia in the USA.

Edward Colston was a highly renowned English Slave Trader from Bristol. Proceeds of the Slave Trade in which millions of Africans were taken to the Americas and West Indies, went a long way in building the wealth of Europe and Europeanised America as evident from history. This accounts for the numerous statues erected to honour men of this calibre across Europe, the West and every other place possible.

The attack on Colston’s statue in Bristol saw him drowned in the nearby waters, with similar efforts to take down his statue somewhere around London Museum.

In the meantime, the famous Christopher Columbus whose statue stood as a Park in Virginia, has also come under attack. Columbus is reputed to have ‘discovered America’, at least for the European explorers of his time. Of course the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas would have laughed at the idea if they had read the history back then, even though they see Columbus as representing the ‘door’ leading to the genocides against them. Columbus’ statue was similarly taken down and drowned in nearby waters – perhaps representing the waters from which he emerged in the Pinta, Nina and Sancta Maria Ships when he first arrived in the area.

According to Kajit J. Bagu (John Paul)
PhD (Edinburgh) who is the Initiator, Movement for Cognitive Justice (MCJ), author of ‘Peacebuilding, Constitutionalism and The Global South: The Case for Cognitive Justice Plurinationalism’ (Routledge London & New York, 2020), “these developments can be recognised as being epochal in treating the subject of race and racism, as well as issues of social and institutional justice/injustices. Coupled with other post-George Floyd murder tremors across the world, these are indeed significant moments like no others in the past on this and related subject-matters.

In similar but unrelated series of events on the continent of Africa, killings have continued to occur on greater scales in South Africa and even more in Nigeria among others. While South Africa witnesses xenophobic attacks, Nigeria witnesses ethically and religiously coloured killings with patterns often identified as genocidal. While these have received relatively less domestic and global attention, they are indeed greater in scale and intricate in context.

Recently, outcries from Katsina, Benue, Niger, Plateau and Zamfara states in Nigeria and several locations like Southern Kaduna and others
across Nigeria keep pointing at militia of a predominantly Fulani colouration. The disaffected people of some communities in Katsina recently took to the streets to protest the chronic state of insecurity. According to reports by the efficient Intelligence Response Team (IRT) headed by the man nick-named ‘Nigeria’s Jack Bauer’, by name Abba Kyari, these armed men are mostly Fulani. They often engage in kidnapping for ransom. But they also keep coming up in incidents of genocidal attacks.

Recently, the governor of Kano State in Nigeria expressed concerns about similar groups entering the country from other countries. It is not clear what the government of Nigeria intends to do as a matter of direct response, but there were recent reports that the military had neutralised (killed) 70 of such actors in Kachia forests. Nigeria’s officials prefer to label them ‘armed bandits’.

On the whole, George Floyd’s unintended legacy may just move global consciousness to a much higher level on the scales of racial equality in the long fought struggle against racism. The question of whether and how this would address the situation across Africa, remains to be seen”.

Before George Floyd’s murder, he was largely little known even in his native Houston Texas, but today, his memory has galvanized a sleeping world into action on the issues of race and life and beamed attention on the global symbol of the evil of police brutality.

Wave of anger has spread beyond America.
From Nairobi in Kenya to Dakar in Senegal, South Africa etc, the neck of George Floyd becomes the symbol of hope to dismantle racism, change the world.

Rev. Al Sharpton in his homily said something that urges all to ponder on assessing the price of black lives and the price of white lives. What does each amount to ?
There has been an admixture of sorrow and anger the world over. George might have changed the world. Imagine people all over symbolically, and in almost 8 mins, 40 seconds, kneeling.

The globally recognized tech giant, Bill Gates tweets: “The horrifying killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many other Black people—and the protests they sparked—are shining a light on the brutal injustices that Black people experience every day…”
Jun 10, 2020·Twitter Web.

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