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Through Omokri’s Post, We Now Know How Atiku Prophesied About Peter Obi Coming To Reduce Debts

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October 12, 2022







Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, Kawhariebie Ken Pela (Labour Party gubernatorial candidate for Delta State and his running mate), Prof. Mrs. Julie Nwabogo Umukoro (right).



By Greg Abolo



Reno Omokri has tweeted that “Buhari just proposed a ₦20.5 trillion budget. ₦8.8 trillion will be borrowed. It will bring Nigeria’s debt to ₦50 trillion. Only the Obasanjo regime paid off Nigeria’s debt”. And Atiku headed NEC.

He further says that “in 2023, we need a debt payer, not a debt taker!”

A commenter further posted a tweet posted by Atiku Abubakar himself in 2019, where he prophesied the coming in of Peter Obi to reduce debts as his expertise in that sector is unparalleled.



“Peter Obi has a lot of expertise” in that Sector – Atiku Abubakar who is also running for the presidency .





Indeed, Peter Obi met a state overburdened by huge debt burden. He then surgically examined the structure of government and decided to halt the borrowing spree. He finally reversed the template.


Suddenly, the debt taking state transited into a debt paying state, to the extent of clearing the augean stable. From cleansing the template, he reversed the Economy from a consumptive one into a productive one.


Reason that you have industrialists who came in to establish factories for production like Innoson Automotive Vehicles Manufacturing Company. Anambra became an exporting state. Exporting vehicles like Innoson buses, cars, trucks etc to even Fresh vegetables the way California does in the United States of America.

Many right thinking Nigerians, both the young and the old have keyed into the mass message of Peter Obi coming in to perform his magic in Anambra by making it nationwide.


Nigeria waits for that fighting chance, that opportunity for the citizenry to have a country that they can proudly call their own. Many would then stop exiting the nation by staying back to build it.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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